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  1. NoWay

    Rare KH1 NPCs

    I’ve encountered this video: Did you know about these NPCs in Agrabah? I immediately leave Agrabah after defeating Jafar and didn’t know about these. It’s a cool small detail in KH1.
  2. NoWay

    Who was the traitor?

    I mean like seriously. Do we know it? Are we supposed to know it by now? The whole Foreteller Arc in X/UX built this up with all the conflicts between them, but it was never (clearly) resolved. As far as I know, we only have theories about Ava being the traitor because of ignoring the Master’s...
  3. NoWay

    Unreal Engine and KH

    So today’s the day, the all mighty Unreal Engine 5 has been announced. On the one hand, I’m impressed. On the other hand, I’m worried about KH. What does the release of the UE5 and the new console generation mean for the future of KH? I don’t know how the engines work, but do the developers...
  4. NoWay

    Too many UX “news” threads?

    Hey there, first of all I want to thank everyone who is putting so much effort into updating us about the newest UX non-story events. You’re amazing! However, I think that we are receiving too many UX updates. It feels like every two days there are new UX threads in here. Then there also...
  5. NoWay

    Parts I didn’t understand in ReMind

    Hey guys, I replayed KH3 + ReMind. But in the end there were some parts I didn’t get. So in the beginning, the present Sora leaves his body behind to travel to the past. Thus he lacks any corporal form during ReMind. 1.) How was Micky able to see Sora after the battle against the Replicas...
  6. NoWay

    The Chess Room (Mod)

    The13thVessel did a mod in which they explore the chess room: It looks so beautiful! What a shame that Scala isn’t explorable. What do you think?
  7. NoWay

    The Critical Mode Experience Thread

    Hey guys, I thought we needed a thread where everyone can post their impressions and opinions while playing the new mighty critical mode. I wanted to test it like 5 minutes before going to sleep again (it’s still in the night in Europe) and I have died like 5 times against the Darkside and...
  8. NoWay

    Slow Motion while using the command menu

    Hey guys! So I was on YouTube watching some KH3 videos and then I encountered this: https://youtu.be/sbBY9aaGzNI You can actually change the settings so that while you’re using the command menu, the time passes in slow motion. Did you know that? I actually think it’s a very cool addition...
  9. NoWay

    What do we actually know about Kingdom Hearts?

    If I remember correctly, Nomura told us in an interview that in KH3 we are going to know more about Kingdom Hearts itself. However, I don’t feel like I know more about it and it’s powers. It seems like KH possesses the power to reset the world as Xehanort intended. However, it also seems...
  10. NoWay

    13 clashes to forge the X-Blade

    Hey guys! Yesterday I was watching once again the KG battles and there’s one thing that bothers me. Master Xehanort needs 13 clashes of light and darkness in order to forge the X Blade. But do we actually have 13 clashes? I mean, every time a Seeker of Darkness dies, darkness appears in the...
  11. NoWay

    Anyone else who CANNOT play the game and want to grieve?

    I mean yeah, I have been a KH fan for 8 years now, enjoy playing the games on critical mode and have been following KH3’s development since 2013. For the first time, I left Germany because of my obligatory exchange semestre. And guess what? After all these years, KH3 releases while I am in...
  12. NoWay

    Where is the spoiler thread?

    I mean like really: Where is it? Did you have deleted it?
  13. NoWay

    DLC Discussion

    Hey KHI Community, as many of us are talking about it in the spoiler thread, I thought it would be good to have a separate thread for possible DLC discussion. Don’t forget to hide information based on the recent leaks in spoiler tags Have fun!
  14. NoWay

    New Disney Worlds?

    So I am very curious but I don’t want to get spoiled. My only question is: are there any new Disney Worlds? If Yes, how many new Disney Worlds? please don’t tell any names IF yes. I just want to know if and how many. Thank you. :)
  15. NoWay

    New Disney World confirmed?

    Hey guys, Square Enix has announced the line up for Jump Festa 2019: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/jf19/titles/ The KH3 info box says apparently something about a new Pixar world. Can anyone who speaks Japanese confirm this? Google translator says this to me: “Dark seeker compilation...