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  1. OrionGold

    Should Kairi Get A New Keyblade?

    Holy shit, that slight change in color makes the weapon look better.
  2. OrionGold

    Honest Game Trailers: Kingdom Hearts 3

    I didn't mind the Honest Trailer that much. I just think it's funny and that's that. Anyway, I like how Mickey's parody name is just a jab at how Disney keeps acquiring properties.
  3. OrionGold

    Old topic but are you satisfied with Alyson playing kairi or do you still want Hayden back?

    That's the word I'm looking for! Kairi in KH3 sounds too delicate for my taste.
  4. OrionGold

    Old topic but are you satisfied with Alyson playing kairi or do you still want Hayden back?

    I do hope she gets better. Yeah, I do prefer Hayden as Kairi. Compared to Alyson, Hayden as this spunk in her voice that she used for Kairi, which Alyson is lacking. The problem I have with Alyson's performance is that she makes Kairi sound too girly and sweetiepie-like for her character...
  5. OrionGold

    Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    That's Fairy Godmother from Cinderella.
  6. OrionGold

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    I think we all noticed. I really hope something is done about that later on.
  7. OrionGold

    Would you play a KH spin off in a different gaming genre?

    If they were to do a Musou-like game, I would want the presentation be similar to Sengoku Basara, where everything is high-octane insane in the awesome department with some silly moments mixed in there as well.
  8. OrionGold

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    For me, I would want Steve Blum. The guy appears everywhere in voiced media and yet he doesn't have a role in this series yet. It would be great for him to finally voice a character in Kingdom Hearts.
  9. OrionGold

    Who Remember kingdom hearts 1 was just game

    With that said, I agree that the portrayal of Sora is at it's best in the very first game. He doesn't seem to be a dumb teenager, he just questions stuff he gets confused over. He's shown to be a nice kid, but he also has his limits, especially during his fallout with Donald during Deep Jungle...
  10. OrionGold

    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    I think that's actually my problem with Kairi thinking back. She doesn't have that spunky attitude from the first game anymore. It's actually why people like Kairi in the manga continuities a lot more. Kairi still has that spunk in the manga adaptations after KH1.
  11. OrionGold

    Other then The voice actors, Xehanort character truly died before kh3 and here is why

    This is off-topic, but stop spamming new threads, man.
  12. OrionGold

    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    It's so odd to not have Hayden voice Kairi for the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga.
  13. OrionGold

    What are you hoping for with KH in the next decade?

    What I want for KH In the new decade: Gameplay that is on-par with Kingdom Hearts 2 in terms of fluidity, feel, and balance. Maybe introduce new original characters that look like they came straight from a Disney or Square Enix world, human or not. A story that is well-planned in advance so...
  14. OrionGold

    ReMind Discussion Thread

    The only thing bothering me about this is the fact that Terra and Aqua aren't using their upgraded Keyblades!
  15. OrionGold

    Honestly Here’s what Roxas and Ventus truly need in order for people to tell them apart!

    If you guys have noticed while watching the ending for Kingdom Hearts (specifically the part where it shows the Guardians of Light at the Keyblade Graveyard immediately after Xehanorts' defeat), you'll notice that Roxas' hair is darker than Ventus'.
  16. OrionGold

    Things you actually miss from past games, and didn't see in KH3

    Playing Kingdom Hearts 1 kinda made me realize that I appreciate Sora as a character more in that installment than the ones after it, at least, to me. In KH1, Sora is a bit melancholic, can hold a grudge (which is evident during his time in Deep Jungle), and literally told Riku he's stupid...
  17. OrionGold

    People take the idea of KH’s “worlds” too literally

    That's actually what I think about KH's cosmology. It's simply a multiverse where each world is a universe containing a different Disney setting.
  18. OrionGold

    Would you want ReMind to Change Anything in the Canonical Story

    I'd want Aqua to stop Ven from approaching Terra because goddamn, she is suppose to know that something's up considering he fought him and the fact that he's just standing there in the middle with those dead eyes.
  19. OrionGold

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Then they need an actual professional English speaker to be the voice directer for the English dub. EDIT: It's funny how the English dub for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has much better voice direction. I think they should try doing something similar to how the Devil May Cry's development team...
  20. OrionGold

    DISNEY Characters you think should've gotten a bigger role throughout the series?

    I think another character who should have a bigger role is Santa Claus from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Him, Jack, and some other important people are in charge of running holidays. For Santa, he literally travels the multiverse delivering people gifts. He has a list of basically everybody's...