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    Another KH3 DLC?

    Was it confirmed that Re:Mind is like the equivalent of KH2FM. Meaning that we won't get anymore dlc???
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    Where was Xigbar/Braig during KH1

    I'm not sure if i'm missing something but was he was a nobody or in hiding and what was he doing during KH1
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    Do you think Vantias Face reveal might cause chaos with the other cast?

    Might be a little spoilers for those who hadn't played BBS but in KH3 do you guys see the possibility that people who are close to Sora sees Vanitas face thinks that Sora has fallen to darkness in which return might caused them to be in a huge shock/despair and do something that might initiate a...
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    Possible DLC for KH3?

    I know i'm already thinking ahead of the KH3 but with games coming out in this generation are getting season pass (DLC) is it safe to assume that KH3 might get one? and if so what kind of content do you guys want to bring to the table? Me personally i want new bosses added with cool items to...