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  1. sora x kairi

    Dead Hearts: Fight Of Darkness 2

    Dead Hearts 2 Akira woke her eyes were fuzzy and she felt pain all over her body. “ Is this Real” she thought to herself. As her view came to she could see that she was in a white bed which had florescent patterns on that were unknown to her. She lifted up slowly in the bed placing her back...
  2. sora x kairi

    Dead Hearts : Fight From Darkness Story 1

    Dead Hearts is one of the Many Stories that i have been Writing in the Hearts Sequence and i have been writing many Kingdom Hearts and Adventurous Stories Since this one was written in the late 2013 Haka Island In a realm of darkness and light many of which there are billions of worlds known...
  3. sora x kairi


    Intro As the sun set over the sea of Dreams Sarah watched through her window. A Bright girl with green hair and blue eyes she felt different to the people in her home. " I love when the sun sets over the Sea of Dreams" said Sarah as her Friend Lexa sat on the bed a positive girl with blonde...
  4. sora x kairi

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix

    Has anyone with there Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix game had problems on Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix because on my PS3 Version it freezes when you get off the main menu and also coming on to a battle. Is it got a default or is it normal because BBS Final mix on the game doesn't have a problem with...
  5. sora x kairi

    Kingdom Hearts

    Just as this is a creative writing spot i thought of placing a piece on here that i wrote please comment. The piece is called heartless.. (Heartless) you knew me we were little now all i am to you is the darkness which is left in your heart you said that i was a heartless of darkness no...
  6. sora x kairi

    Who is your favorite character in KH3D?

    Which of the kingdom hearts dream drop distance characters is your favarate and why? Sora Riku Ansem Xemnas Young xehanort Mickey Donald Goofy Lea Yen sid Kairi And any other characters I have not said that you like and what do you like about them These characters I have listed are my...
  7. sora x kairi

    What were your thoughts on KH3D

    Hi what are your thoughts about kh dream drop distance what did you like about dream drop distance and what were your favorite parts in the game