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    Thread for all Al Bheds or Al Bhed Speakers

    Hi!!:) Whats up?? This Haku Hikaru Lrnec San I am an Al Bhed I made this thread for all Al Bheds or Al Bhedin Speakers. On this thread you talk about anything you want as long as you say it in Al Bhed. If u can Read or speak Al Bhed then Read this Following Parargraph. [COLOR="DarkRed"] Eh...
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    Final Fantasy Characters

    Hey people whats up!?!?! This Is RoronoaZolo1134 A.K.A. "The Ninja Of Black Flames"!!! So I made This Thread For all of Us Final Fantasy Fans out there!!! So in this Forum u Can Discuss anything Final Fantasy, Which Characters from any FF game u Thought Should be in future games or should've...