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  1. Q

    More evidence of false keyblades(BASIC!!!)

    Yeah. SOoooo... I watched the Secret movie and Something very basic I just happened to see. I just want to see what people think, rather than claiming I found something startling.
  2. Q

    What Xemnas said.....

    at the final battle, when Sora said " there's more to a heart than just anger or hate. Its full of all kinds of feelings. Dont you remember what its like to have a heart?" Xemnas said: " Unfortunately, I dont." But isnt that what made the Org. special? that they had remembered what it was like...
  3. Q

    Name Chain!!!

    If you have something in common with the post's above you's name, post another reply. (EX: If the person above you has Sora in their name, and you do too, post. you can match any word or number in the name above you.) GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. Q

    How did you find out about this site?

    Just wondering. I was looking around on you tube for KH2 stuff, and I found a link. The site seems a little unknown, but there are a lot of members. Was anyone else just lucky?
  5. Q

    Arial dodge???

    (SP?) I was playing the Sephiroth battle a while back, and I wondered if arial dodge seemed to make you invincible for a sec.? it seems like it instantly parries any attack. Can anyone confirm this??
  6. Q

    KH2 Secret movie theory!!!(Its a good one!)

    Sooo....This is my first Thread!!!! Yay!!!! Anyway, I was watching the secret video, And i thought of something that could work if the video takes place towards the end of KHI,or in the future.I know that it is probably in the past, but MEH. A heart enveloped in DARKNESSYeilds a heartless. The...