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    So I was thinking about Sora's Sacrifice......

    Oh that makes a lot of sense! Yeah I love Kingdom Hearts, and sometimes I think I know it all until my brother starts asking me questions and I then realize I really don't know much about it. The lore is a lot to remember, I've read all the journals in all the games, and I still can't link the...
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    So I was thinking about Sora's Sacrifice......

    We all know how Sora sacrificed himself in order to save Kairi. And in doing so, when he released his heart, he also released Kairi's forming the nobody Namine, and Roxas from Sora. But we also see that the princess's hearts were also residing in Sora and released at the same time. So wouldn't...
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    Why are there no Kingdom Hearts commercials in the U.S?

    I ask people do they know KH and most say no. Then I see all these commercials for famous games and I'm thinking," Why is there no kingdom hearts commercial?" I think ive only seen one in my entire life. Why aren't there any for KH 2.5? Why maybe only in Japan?