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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    Idk. It’s 40 minutes and devoted primarily to third party PS4 titles, so I think it stands a pretty decent chance of showing. It may be low budget, but those can often generate surprisingly high profit margins. Also, didn’t SE say most of their announcements would happen around late July/early...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    Moderately hopeful for a release date announcement during this:
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    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    I wasn’t going to respond to this because I don’t really care about this that much. But since you’re now angry reacting to my posts, I’m hoping this will help you move on. Maybe to a minor degree they are able to learn and adapt, but not a significant amount. Otherwise, Syndrome wouldn’t have...
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    Film ► Raya and the Last Dragon(2020)

    Saw this on Twitter and not sure if it’s real or not, but it looks great! Raya looks like she’d make a cool KH party member one day. 😁
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    Balan Wonderworld (Square-Enix, Yuji Naka,Naoto Ohshima) Spring 2021 PS4/PS5/XB1/PC/Switch

    I love the concept of an action game inspired by musical theatre. It looks promising.
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    Dragon Quest 11; Anyone playing this besides me?

    I’m excited to see the Definitive Edition coming to more consoles. I just wish they’d offer it as a DLC if we already bought it on PS4. I don’t think I can justify paying full price for the game a 3rd time. 😅 Edit: Glad to hear that it is at least only $40 rather than $60. I can't say it would...
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    if you could change One thing in KH what will it be?

    I would erase DDD from the timeline and make KH3 a sequel to what was set up by BBS and Coded. I think KH3 would have been a stronger entry on its own if MX had returned, set up his plan, and been stopped in one game rather than the set up being in DDD and the payoff only happening in the final...
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    Petition for an Attraction Kingdom Hearts at the Tokyo Disney Resort

    I will say that I’ve always wished the Sorcerors of the Kingdom game at WDW would be re-themed to KH. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s an interactive scavenger hunt experience where you go around the park and find keyholes that you activate with a magic band. An animated clip then plays on a...
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    Petition for an Attraction Kingdom Hearts at the Tokyo Disney Resort

    Unfortunately, I can’t see Disney ever prioritizing KH over so many of their other IPs that have yet to receive the attraction treatment. The most we’ll ever get is something like a limited time VR experience and the rare meet and greets around the time a big game releases. An Easter egg in the...
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    News ► Madison Davenport (Nameless Star) recently recorded voice over for an unspecified project

    I’m in the September/October camp. I just can’t see Square thinking it’s a good idea to release a game like this the same month as the PS5 and Xbox SX when it most likely won’t be on those platforms. They’d be better off waiting until January if they couldn’t get it out before then.
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    Film ► Hamilton

    I’ve listened to this album so many times, but finally seeing the performances took my love for this musical to another level. With it being sung through, I never thought I could be missing *that* much by not seeing the actual show, but there’s so much more layered meaning and special moments...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory rated E10+ by ESRB

    Most likely when they announce the release date, which I think will be the end of this month or early August for a late September/early October release.
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    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    The Omnidroids don’t really adapt as they go. Rather, one collects data on the opponent and that data is then used to improve the next model. So I think there should be at least two boss fights with them: one against both Syndrome and the Omnidroid on the island and another against the Omnidroid...
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    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    For a Syndrome fight, I imagine it working best as a fight against both him and an Omnidroid. The Omnidroid would deal out most of the physical attacks while Syndrome could use his zero point energy to temporarily immobilize us which would leave us open to attacks from the droid. The Omnidroid...
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    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    It was still an issue in KH3 despite this though due the abilities they gave him early on such as attraction flows and Keyblade transformations. These flashy and OP abilities make it unrealistic for someone like Gothel, Hans, or Randall to be able to fight Sora directly and pose any kind of...
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    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    If they can get creative with the boss battle designs, I’d love to fight some Pixar villains, Hopper and Syndrome in particular. The problem to me is less about what the bosses may be able to do and more about how OP Sora has gotten. In KH1, the Disney villains actually seemed like they were...
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    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    My opinion may change once we see more of the game, but I’m leaning towards the Switch right now. This is the perfect kind of game for me to casually play while having something else on the tv in the background.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road, Chapter 1: Unexpected Departure

    Yeah I haven’t seen that brought up much. When I saw the scene the first time, it gave me the impression that something terrible occurred where wielders were killed en masse.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road, Chapter 1: Unexpected Departure

    They don’t really kill you. They take your heart and turn it into another Heartless.
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    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane | Future Tense Level | June 29th for all Platforms

    Some gameplay footage: I have high hopes for this game. I hope Spyro is next! (As long as they don’t give him a weird redesign. Lol)