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  1. Peeper

    Why do people date jerks?

    Exactly what the title says. Why do women date men who treat them like garbage? Smart, funny, pretty women of all things. How can a person have so little self respect that they do themselves such a disservice by being with someone who itemizes and belittles them? I just had to drag a friend...
  2. Peeper

    How do you approach death?

    My best friend's grandfather is sick with Prostate Cancer. He's had it for a long time and he recently made one of his many turns for the worst. Her grandmother also died from breast cancer 3 years ago. Though her death was caused by hospital neglect, and not the actual cancer itself. So she...
  3. Peeper

    Peeper's Weekly lineart

    I started doing lineart about two-three weeks ago, and since then I have found it easier to draw with a mouse than by hand. I have also found it is something that I am quickly growing a knack for. I may not be world class, but I think I'm at a pretty good point for having only started this...
  4. Peeper

    I see your tomfoolery, I raise you my finger

    I'm here to commit wankery, invite ho yay for my own personal amusement, and very possibly breech the fourth wall with my penis. I'm generally a very outspoken person, and I'm the first person to call bullshit in the most stupid of situations. I come off as trollish at times due to my very...