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  1. J

    Diving into a World of Darkness.

    after like 3yrs of abstance, im BACK!!!!! decided to post up one of my newest RP campaighs in story form, this one not requiring to much editing. and i did age myself a tad simply to make this world work a little better for me. _____________________________________________________________ It all...
  2. J

    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    Then add me, the wild Jackson! Re-Chain us!
  3. J

    Path of the wandering blade(a KH fanfic)

    There are 3 levels of reality in the omniverse. The first is the real world, where usually you have to react to reality and life as you know it...... The 2nd is the worlds/universes created by the mind. The Disneyverse is one of them, as is any other world where people wish they could be. No...
  4. J

    Final Fantasy X-3: War of the Races (the RPG turned fanfic)

    Peace has reigned since Sin was destroyed, Shuyin disappeared and the battle between the Youth League and New Yevon stopped. This was all down to Yuna and the return of her lost love, Tidus. Now they are together again. Just when they are settling down in Besaid Island, a war erupts between...
  5. J

    Finding the true King of Games...

    This is my attempt at making a Yugioh fanfic. It involves both the original and GX. Hope to here some feedback and helpful hints. BTW, this takes place after Jaden beats Sartorise and The original ends. Epilogue: In a dark room sat a male. His blue eyes glistened in the darkness and his brown...
  6. J

    I wanna fighting

    I'm bored. I wish to try out a nice little battle. THIS IS MY FIRST, SO BE WARNED IF I STINK! Name: Jackson Esphahanian Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: A tall, white male, with Sora-like brown hair,. His eyes are blue, and he wears brown "paiter pants"(pants with lots of...
  7. J

    I wanna fight!

    I'm bored. I wish to try out a nice little battle. THIS IS MY FIRST, SO BE WARNED IF I STINK! Name: Jackson Esphahanian Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: A tall, white male, with Sora-like brown hair,. His eyes are blue, and he wears brown "paiter pants"(pants with lots of...
  8. J

    BitComet Help!!!!!!

    I lately downloaded BitComet to my computer. However, it and it's files are taking up a lot of memory. Does anyone know how to convert a BitComet File to a normal video(Windows Media Player or something simular)? edit: Seams not. Then, does anyone know where I can download free anima?
  9. J

    This is my story........

    Alright. It's time I came down to explaining how I went from a normal kid to my RPGing Omniverse master. That is what this is about. It also will work with a latter story(currently an RPG). So, hear I go with my first attempt........... My eyes cracked open as my radio began to blare. It was...
  10. J

    The New Sudents: A Harry Potter/YuGiOh cross

    Voldemort has discovered the existence of the Millennium Items and plans to use them to pursue his own evil plans. Meanwhile, Dumbledore finds out that three youths have recently come into some magic. Because of their age, no other school will take them. So Dumbledore extends his hand and...
  11. J

    The officail KH2 journal(progress)

    5/5?: Finished Jornal, saw Secret ending Currently for the past few weekENDS: Trying to master Gummis, Got LV.S on all, Trying to get the last few prizes.....
  12. J

    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    I HAVE SOOOOO MANY IDEAS!!!!! but to help people, first I"m going to provide a list of every keyblade......... Kingdom Key Spellbinder Lady Luck Metal Chocobo Olympia Lionheart Jungle King Three Wishes Wishing Star Crabclaw Pumpkinhead Fairy Harp Divine Rose Oathkeeper Oblivion Ultimate...
  13. J

    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Anti form......... I HATE IT! Here is a list of times I transformed 1: Facing Dark Thorn 2: Facing Prison Kepper 3: Facing Sark 4-7: Leveling up my other forms can't remember if there is anymore.....
  14. J

    The officail KH2 journal(progress)

    4/23: Entered the World that Never Was 4/24: Finished Game. Leveled Wisdom/Final Forms to LV7 4/25: Raised Valor/ Master to LV7, Summon to LV6, Worked on minigames...
  15. J

    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    WTF?!!!! That is so strange! But the first two look the same...
  16. J

    Xehanort is the Shadow

    Awsome Thory! Maybe they will re-unite!
  17. J

    The officail KH2 journal(progress)

    4/14: Found Simba. 4/15: Beat all of Atlantica, Part 2 of Port Royal 4/16: Started Tron part 2, Beat 100 Arce Woods 4/17: Beat Tron part 2
  18. J

    Unlimited demension: A Kingdom Hearts RPG.

    This is a Kingdom Hearts RPG of almost no limit. Any worlds and people can be involved. I'm making this because I noticed AJ's cool RPG, but wasn't accepted. Rules: No power-playing No killing of other RPGers unless I give the okay(like if they break a rule...) Semi- literate. Worlds: (Not in...
  19. J

    The officail KH2 journal(progress)

    I descided to start this to see about the progression of each person who recieved KH2 by the day starting with Day of obtaining, Day you started playing, then for each day, where you ended event-wise. 4/6/06: Obtained game. 4/7: Started playing, receached Final day as Roxas. 4/8: Had to Stop...