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  1. Twilight Lumiair

    A New Stage, and a Fateful Goodbye..

    Evening everyone 👋... So I've been dropping hints about this for the past couple of months, wondering how I was finally gonna say it, but... starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be away for a while. Not forever, I'm sure, but long enough that I thinks it's only appropriate to make this post. I've...
  2. Twilight Lumiair

    Potential Master's

    Ok, so I saw someone pose a pretty interesting question in another forum that I wanted to get everyone's opinions on over here. Now that all of our Keyblade wielding protagonist have returned due to the events of KH3, who among those not yet named would you consider potentially being, or close...
  3. Twilight Lumiair

    If it Turns Out to Be Bad

    Okay, so I'd like to propose a few curious questions that came to mind after the whole leaker debacle (and it's probably going to sound more complicated than it is): What if the majority are actually dissatisfied with this game? By that I mean, how do you guys think Nomura would deal with a...
  4. Twilight Lumiair

    Brotherly Affection

    In the newest KH3 trailer, we saw some very interesting scenes regarding Sora & Roxas, and Ventus & Vanitas. One openly, and one quietly, but both display brotherly affections. For this particular thread, we'll be focusing on Sora and Vani before we circle back to others. Let's start by looking...
  5. Twilight Lumiair

    Wait a minute... Namine did this HOW?!

    OK so this has been bugging me ever since 2.8 was released but I never got around to asking the forum about this. To get straight to the point: So remember that scene from one of the orchestra concerts, ya know the one between Namine and Terra that supposedly took place before Aqua and Terra's...
  6. Twilight Lumiair

    Could Young Xehanort have been referring to "this" plot point in KH3?

    Hey everyone! So, after watching the new gameplay and cut scenes that were recently for KH3, I am, without question, ecstatic for the games release. However, there was one particular treat we got that I wasn't expecting, and that was the full scene of Young Xehanort and Sora's interaction in the...
  7. Twilight Lumiair

    Vanitas' Current Situation

    So I'm starting this thread so I can get some true clarity about this subject. For a long time i couldn't understand why people have it in there mind that Vanitas was destroyed by Ventus at the end of his story. At first I just went along with it (like most more than likely did) and assumed this...