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    What happened to the dark keyblade?

    OK the kingdom key represents light. It is debatable what riku's way to the dawn represents, whether its twilight or dawn. It is never stated that mickeys keyblade represents dark. Now what happened to the dark keyblade? And before you go off saying it was formed by the seven princesses of...
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    E.S. related somehow to Xehanort

    Now I've read speculation after speculation about the E.S. being Xehanort. Now Ive read very good theories about the E.S. being xehanort. But Im guessing that the Hazel eyes is a way of showing that they have given into the darkness. What do you think?
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    Have you noticed?

    Ok i watched the secret ending for kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ and it was pretty good. Though i noticed that in the first secret trailer for the regular kingdom hearts 2, they picked up the three keyblades the kingdom key, the way to the dawn, and mickeys keyblade. After watching the second...