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    News ► Master Odin is confirmed as Xehanort's Master in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

    Fun fact for those thinking he looks like Gandalf and not knowing why: Gandalf's design is actually based on Odin (Tolkien was a huge mythology fan, specifically Norse and English). While most know Odin as the one-eyed king of the gods, he also often traveled on Earth disguised as a cloaked old...
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    I still kinda miss the cool ideas brought up in this game.

    Never thought of a lot of this before but I do like the ideas! Namine having any kind of expanded role would have been welcome, especially if it was to expand on her role in CoM and play into the potential guilt she had and if her power over Sora's memories could have further plot relevance. I...
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    Best way to introduce someone to kh?

    I got my girlfriend to play KH1, which she mostly enjoyed, and she is now on KH2. I told her about CoM after she finished 1 but she didn't seem interested, so I told her that was fine and just kinda gave her the basic plot and had her watch a few scenes to get the gist before she dove into KH2...
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    Kh hearts boss battles

    Favorite and least favorite boss fights by game (though KH 1, 2, and 3 are the only ones I remember well): KH1 Favorite: Darkside, Guard Armor, Chernabog, Riku-Ansem, Ansem (second fight), Kurt Zisa, Xemnas (even though I've never beaten him) Least favorite: Trickmaster, Clayton/Stealth Sneak...
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    SPOILERS What is everyone's Favorite and Least Favourite Worlds?

    I haven't finished the game yet (just got to San Fransokyo so can't comment on that world yet), but so far I also really liked the Caribbean, though I haven't yet taken time to explore all the individual islands and such. I thought the ship battles were pretty cool though and actually...