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    AR Max or Ps2 Ultimate Codes?

    Get the ARMAX. My brother got it and he likes it.
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    AR Max or Ps2 Ultimate Codes?

    1. The link to the Kingdom Hearts 2 Ultimate Codes is here; http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Ultimate-Codes-Kingdom-Hearts-2-DUS0158-/sem/rpsm/oid/150774/catOid/-13250/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do 2. ARMAX aka Action Replay Max is for the ps2 and here's a link to their official site...
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    AR Max or Ps2 Ultimate Codes?

    How about trying the armax. My brother loves it. See ya.
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    E3 Preview

    I know I'm watching it. Thanks to some other site I know the schedule for E3 2005. Payce.
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    99 dalmations: really necessary???

    It is necessary to collect all 99 Dalmations because it is required to see the Secret Ending. That is what I think. Payce.
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    Anntenna Whip

    Read the title. I need a Anntenna Whip. Will pay 800 gil for it.
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    Aerith.. Um, huh?

    All games have a different storyline. That's what makes the games interesting. And yes the death for Aerith never happened in Kingdom Hearts.
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    Aerith.. Um, huh?

    Not really. Kingdom Hearts is way different from any FF games. This should clear up your question.
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    what does namine have to do with all this

    Namine is a witch who took out the chains of memories from Sora.
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    why did kh2 has always got fake dates

    They always have fake dates because they want to believe that KH2 will come out early.
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    I think you have all the summons already. Gyeah. Peace.
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    Big Hong Key?

    You have to use action replay in order to get it. It might mess up your game though.
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    Bad News! No Kh2!

    Actually it is not a joke. KH2 has been canceled. Remember this is not a joke.
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    Where do yall live?

    I just want to know where yall live that's all. I live at tha city of gangstas East Side Long Beach, Cali. Don't be dissin or I'll put a 1-8-7 on ur ass. Keep it real.
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    What Is Your Favourite Charecter?

    My favorite character is Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Peace.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Did you check the link I handed out? You should check on it if you really want the other keyblades. Aight I'm out.
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    KH2 might be further delayed! read this!

    Yeah I know it might be delayed. I'm just hoping they are done fixing the problem. Keep it real.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Here's a link if you want it. http://www.totalcheats.com/playstation2/kingdomheartscheats.htm all right bye.
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    I don't know if anyone mentioned this

    I'm confused but I think it is similar. I'm too tired to read so I skim it.
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    Play Station 3???

    I don't really know but it might be a rumor. Sometimes I don't really believe what others say though. Aight I'm out.