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    What happened to the dark keyblade?

    OK the kingdom key represents light. It is debatable what riku's way to the dawn represents, whether its twilight or dawn. It is never stated that mickeys keyblade represents dark. Now what happened to the dark keyblade? And before you go off saying it was formed by the seven princesses of...
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    Good theory. But watch Nomura throw us a curve ball. Saying the chasers is a third part of what makes a person. Like the heart and the shell. Relating to the heartless and nobodies.
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    Enigmatic soldiers and drive forms...coincidence?

    Ok think about when you use the master form. then think about the valor and wisdom forms. master is weaker than both valor and wisdom. But possesses the same powers though slightly weaker. So yeah they may represent the three soldiers. But how does it relate to the powers you use in the...
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    Just noticed something

    Nomura focuses more on the villains than he does on the heroes. 10 years ago he created sephiroth. And sephiroth is the most popular villain to date. He is just one of those characters you love to hate. So maybe the ES has some relation to the DS and the EUM. Its possible. Alot of people...
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    E.S. is a nobody

    true though it was never said if someone could have more than one nobody. Remember the Xehanort Heartless and Xemnas were both in control of the side that they were on. Possibly a fragment of the Xehanort nobody.
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    E.S. related somehow to Xehanort

    Good point but Heartless Xehanort and Xemnas both had hazel eyes. Now could it also be somehow linked to him being from Radiant garden. Because The only people previously with hazel eyes had some affiliation with Radiant garden.
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    E.S. related somehow to Xehanort

    Now I've read speculation after speculation about the E.S. being Xehanort. Now Ive read very good theories about the E.S. being xehanort. But Im guessing that the Hazel eyes is a way of showing that they have given into the darkness. What do you think?
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    E.S. is a nobody

    well i think its safe to say that E.S. is either Xehanort or somehow related to him. But think about it how many of the characters nobodies have we seen besides sora's and kairi's. Granted they look alike but that just may be a coincidence. Or done on purpose who knows.
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    Have you noticed?

    Ok i watched the secret ending for kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ and it was pretty good. Though i noticed that in the first secret trailer for the regular kingdom hearts 2, they picked up the three keyblades the kingdom key, the way to the dawn, and mickeys keyblade. After watching the second...