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  1. redcrown

    Why is DDD so loathed and hated?

    So I've noticed a pretty popular opinion that DDD is one of the most unliked game in this series, and some consider it the one that ruined the series. Why is that? I don't make this thread as an attack or to tell people they're wrong for their opinions, I've just always been curious about this...
  2. redcrown

    What do you NOT want the DLC to be?

    Alternate title: most underwhelming DLC reveal you can think of. I should have made this thread earlier, but since it might be announced soon this is my last chance to do it. So what would be the most disappointing DLC reveal be to you that you can think of? Or what do you personally not want...
  3. redcrown

    So how many of you are willingly spoiling KH3 for yourselves?

    Sorry if the title sounds disapproving or accusatory, but I wasn't sure how else to put it. I'm only curious as to how many of you guys are not bothered by the leaks and don't mind jumping right into the spoilers. I ask cause lately the only real discussions and activity I've seen on these...
  4. redcrown

    News ► Nomura tweets a drawing for Mickey's 90th Anniversary

    Congratulations King! For Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday Nomura posted a drawing of the beloved mouse with Sora and Riku, with Sora wearing the famous glasses from the end of DDD and Riku holding the birthday cake. I'm not sure if this has been posted here already, but since I didn't see any...
  5. redcrown

    Nightmare Break & Mirage Split Inspired Wedding Rings for sale by Takaya

    https://takayascustomjewelry.com/blog/2017/05/26/nightmare-break-mirage-split-inspired-wedding-rings/ I'm not sure if this has been shared here before since the page was published over a year ago, but I saw this floating around the internet and thought it would be neat to share here. It's not...
  6. redcrown

    Do you plan to cut ties with KH after KH3?

    So I've heard a lot from fans, and even ex fans, say that they plan to make KH3 the last Kingdom Hearts game they ever play. Mostly because we've waited so long for 3, which will end the Xehanort saga and arc, or don't like the direction is/has been going, or just want to leave the series behind...
  7. redcrown

    What is your favorite side game?

    So out of all the side games in this series that you've played, what game has been your personal favorite so far? Before people say that there are "no side games because they are all relevant to the plot" I mean specifically the non numbered games; KH1 and KH2. And this isn't about what of...
  8. redcrown

    Who do you want the second playable character to be?

    Since we haven't been told who the second playable character we'll get to play as besides Sora, who do you personally want it it be? This is less about who you think it will likely be, and more about who you would want it to be. Assuming there will be only one other playable character in the...
  9. redcrown

    Which Riku Got Norted Anyway?

    So, as the trailer dropped more mystery as usual and I've been wanting to make a poll for awhile, what Riku did you think Sora confronted in BH6 world in the trailer? Edit: don't know why I added KH3 Riku to 4th option I'm tired and not thinking right. This is basically asking what your first...
  10. redcrown

    Sea Salt Frappuccino spotted at MetroCon

    Original Twitter post https://mobile.twitter.com/whispwill/status/1020002889652232192 Actual flavor of the drink as described by OP https://mobile.twitter.com/whispwill/status/1020032327332900864 Another tweet to start the petition to make it available nationwide...
  11. redcrown

    No Theater Mode for KH 1.5?

    I don't know where else to rant about this but apparently in the Kingdom Hearts "remix" for ps3 there is no Theater Mode for Kingdom Hearts 1 when you finish the game. I feel so mad and ripped off about this; I wasted about 30-50 hours completing a game I assumed would have a theater mode to...
  12. redcrown

    Off the Wall Speculation/Predictions/Hopes

    So I've decided to make a speculation thread like the millions of others on this site. Except for this one, I wanted to make more casual and loose; to have more non major game speculations or hopes that will not have much to do with the main plot or ending/s. Small things like what you think...
  13. redcrown

    The True Woke thread

    Regurgitates shallow meme here based on dumb pop culture that will only be in anyone's memory for only 3 months max. Such original humor.
  14. redcrown

    When is the next expected KH3 news explosion?

    So it's been awhile since we've had any real KH3 news, and occasionally checking out the front page it's endless Union/chi news that I couldn't care less about to sift through. So when are we expecting the next game con that will probably/be confirmed to showcase anything about KH3? I don't...
  15. redcrown

    Side game of your making

    So most of the discussion that happens here is, as always, deconstructing the games' stories and analyzing their writing, whether they were well done or lacking in certain areas, in there own right or as a chapter in the overall series, or touched/disappointed you personally. Surfing through...
  16. redcrown

    What smartphone did you sell your soul to

    Felt like making this thread since the chi game is coming out in a few days. I'd like to know what brand/generation of phone you guys have, which you think is best, and what you would personally recommend. Also curious if you are happy with the one you have and what you'd switch it for if you...
  17. redcrown

    bibbity boppity theft

    Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo somebody stole my SSN and used it on credit cards bibbity boppity boo oh what a dream
  18. redcrown

    Should this game be played only on a certain 3DS?

    So I've decided to give into my compulsive buying need and get a 3DS soley to play DDD (as of now) like a tool. Thing is, it's been 4 years since it came out, and I don't know what is the best version to play it on. There is more than 1 type of 3DS, right? All I know of is the original and XL...
  19. redcrown

    Kingdom Hearts Battle Quotes

    Thought I could post this here. It's a collection of battle quotes from the main KH titles, from two youtube users who extracted these from the games. Thought it would be neat to share. Kingdom Hearts Battle Quotes from KH1, KH2, and CoM https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6FA39BCEDBE0555E...
  20. redcrown

    Film ► Recently Seen Movie thread

    Haven't seen this kind of thread yet, and I don't know if one like this has died before, but I thought I could start one. So, this thread will be the Recently Seen thread! Here we will talk about or mention any movie you have recently seen, old or new, and your opinion or feeling after seeing...