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  1. redcrown

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    You could easily argue he only did that to taunt Sora since he suspects he likes her and uses that against him to raise the stakes for their competitive games with each other, rather than out of genuine romantic feelings for Kairi. Most of Riku's behavior in the first game is an extension of...
  2. redcrown

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    Was this ever really confirmed though? I see this said a lot but it feels like a big assumption by a lot of people simply because it's been done in other works, with KH1 and the rest of the series itself never claiming this was actually the case.
  3. redcrown

    News ► Splash Mountain to be revamped with Princess & the Frog characters.

    Tbh it's about time Splash Mountain was re-themed with a different more relevant Disney property. Besides maybe for some nostalgia people might have from the ride itself, I don't think any living person in the last 40 years has any attachment or even memory of Song of the South even existing...
  4. redcrown

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    I want to frame this whole post on a wall, with the bolded in golden letters.
  5. redcrown

    How do you want Kairi's part to be integrated in the game

    Option B, Kairi's story separated from the rhythm game, and the Shibuya game/DDD2 without her involved at all, or at least not forcing us to play as her and minimally involved.
  6. redcrown

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    Don't get my hopes up that it's only a prologue and not a full game. And no that wasn't a typo.
  7. redcrown

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road introduces new characters!

    I meant this is a trend for Nomura in general, especially in KH, which you could reasonably argue tracks back to even the first game in the series with it's secret ending (BHK) and CoM, although at the time this trope wasn't as abused so it was forgivable and actually intriguing. Each person and...
  8. redcrown

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road introduces new characters!

    Nomura Syndrome: the compulsive creating of new characters in an attempt to escape the pressure and work of having to develop and write the unseen journeys of previously established characters.
  9. redcrown

    Future announcements?

    The bigger question to me is when can we expect KH announcements of any kind from SE? Since the pandemic E3 was cancelled, idk what's going on with TGS as of now, and I'm not so sure there was gonna be any KH news anyway since they're probably preoccupied with FF7R, and they officially ended a...
  10. redcrown

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    As long as the characters don't go OOC and the plot (or at least the execution of it) doesn't fall into the traps the games have, them I'm all for it. It might actually be a nice breath of fresh air if it goes with a "soft" reboot approach; simplifying the story and the mechanics of the mythos...
  11. redcrown

    Fess Up: Who You Thought Would Be In The Real Organization XIII

    I was hoping Larxene and Marluxia wouldn't be part of it, an early trailer had shown the latter with his original eye color, but nope they got in. I never thought of Xaldin, but that would have fit really well, since his glimmers of personality from Days showed he was already similar to...
  12. redcrown

    Did Pete really not remember Riku?

    Out of all the plot holes and writing messups in this series, this might be the funniest one yet. People trying desperately to come up with any logic, reason, or intention for it to the point of using real world physics and medical literature is.... just, telling of how far the fandom is willing...
  13. redcrown

    Romance in a series about friendship

    It was actually Namine that revealed it was Riku under Ansem's form, Kairi didn't sense it was him until Namine blew his cover, I'm surprised so many people forget this (not trying to attack you or anything, I just see this stated a lot when people try to find any sign of active friendship...
  14. redcrown

    Romance in a series about friendship

    I might be ignorantly overstepping my bounds here, and I'm not sure how controversial this would be to mention, but this makes me re-wonder if Nomura himself is bisexual/gay. I don't know that much about modern Japanese norms/culture, and I'm not that informed of Nomura's career and public life...
  15. redcrown

    KH Fans what are your plans for the future of the franchise? and Will you move on or stay till the end?

    I sort of have one foot ready to step away from the series, and the other stuck in it like tar. I've never planned to stay with the series until it ends (if it ever does) just for the sake of it, but I'm somehow still here after all these years even with the disappointing directions and choices...
  16. redcrown

    Unpopular opinions!

  17. redcrown

    "Main Story Update" From Free DLC

    "Technically the truth", so just false advertising as usual.
  18. redcrown

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    So is this a guarantee that if they ever make more of the "period of absence" games, they'll most likely be mobile? That's a huge bummer if so, and makes me hold onto my wallet even harder. It's shut closed concerning KH now, if this is how it's going to be. How much more money would it have...
  19. redcrown

    Unpopular opinions!

    I didn't like Xion solely for the fact that she replaced and took away Roxas's role of self discovery and rebellion against Org13. If Days had followed up on his characterization and promised backstory from KH2 he might have become one of my favorite KH characters. But not only was his...
  20. redcrown

    News ► Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind, new teams and future projects in Twitter Q&A

    Welp this throws out the hope that KH will win back my attention or money anytime soon.