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  1. Xblade13

    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    Hence why I have the regular version of the Switch. I actually tend to play it on my TV more than on the go (especially lately with everything going on). I can't trust people at work to take it there with me. I basically just treat it like the GameCube 2. As for Melody of Memory, I'll...
  2. Xblade13

    Revisiting the unvoiced stars from KH3 after episode 1 of DR

    Anyone else get a strange vibe that Stars 2 and 8 are talking about each other? As in, they are the ones that apparently couldn't stop getting into battles with each other, and that the fights seemed to complete them. Cloud/Sephiroth is that you?
  3. Xblade13

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    And Xehanort could've just used the Magic Mirror to ask about the Kayblade War or about how to make the X-blade. And later on in the series the information could have been helpful to the.likes of Luxu in regards to Luxord's identity (and vice versa), Maleficent when searching for the Black Box...
  4. Xblade13

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane | Future Tense Level | June 29th for all Platforms

    The thing that weirds me out is that Toys for Bob made this one. Vicarious Visions is apparently doing the Tony Hawk remaster, so... Who's doing Spyro? Has it even started development?
  5. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    I'll be up and lurking right around then lol
  6. Xblade13


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  8. Xblade13

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane | Future Tense Level | June 29th for all Platforms

    Oh! I didn't see this before now. I'm excited! Hopefully this means a Spyro 4 is in the works as well. It's time for platformers to return beyond just remasters xD
  9. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    Yeah, but the truth is most Kingdom Hearts gamers were in their teens when KH2 came out, and thus felt a lot more from Roxas because he exemplified that teen angst emo anger vibe that so many have at that age. Days disappointed a lot of people because it portrayed him in a much more "baby...
  10. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    I think that is entirely the case. Disney screwed up badly with Star Wars, and the MCU is losing a little traction in the wait after Endgame. They are thirsty for their next big blockbuster franchise. KH3 has outsold every single other game in the series. It may be a shock to those of us who...
  11. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    Honestly, even though Nomura said that ReMind would be all the DLC for KH3, I can't seem to shake the realization that one of the slots is for that DLC. One of the other slots could very well be a surprise DLC for 3. That and the rumored Disney+ show.
  12. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I think the PS2 era assets were used primarily because of the time for development, and partly because if they used scenes from early games (like the Days scene in the trailer, the zebra Xemnas fight, presumably Sora's sacrifice in KH1) but used KH3 Sora it would clash bad. It was a choice...
  13. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I don't want to let everyone's hopes down about the Black Coat, but in Re:coded they hyped up the Black Coat in that for trailers as well, and that just turned out to be Data Riku. Anything is possible here.
  14. Xblade13

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory logo found in Dark Road website

    Ooh this is exciting. Maybe the "Melody" in the title is a reference to it being symphonic, like multiple stories together or something. Think BBS or DDD but with Riku and Kairi, maybe even scenes showing what the rest of the cast are doing too. After all, the logo has connections to Chain...
  15. Xblade13

    Luminous vs. Unreal / Project Athia

    My thing with this is, it's just going by the title "Project Athia" for now but... It's giving me vibes like the tech demo for Luminous before Final Fantasy XV was a thing. Not everything, but some of that stuff did get repurposed into that game (I believe there was a scene with a guy stopping a...
  16. Xblade13

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road introduces new characters!

    Oh wait... Bragi. Has a fur coat. Very strikingly different for a Kingdom Hearts character... But we have seen a fur coat before in Kingdom Hearts, right? In Verum Rex, one of Yozora's allies has a hat and a similar fur coat concept. And both are reminescent of Final Fantasy XV's Ardyn, and the...
  17. Xblade13

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Not even just the Ultima weapons. What on earth is the game's logo supposed to look like? For years the Kingdom Hearts logos have gone with a fairly symmetrical theme, but the Roman numeral for 4,, IV, is inherently... not. Same issue once (if) it gets to a 6 (presumably if they're doing another...
  18. Xblade13

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Yeah, it was a door made specifically to banish Monsters the company didn't like. Just a standing door in the Himalayas.
  19. Xblade13

    KH Shower Thoughts

    What is the point of World Order, and why do certain characters seemingly have the freedom to just travel wherever/whenever they want? The villains make sense, as they use Corridors of Darkness to bypass the Lanes Between, but what about Santa? He has a list that includes Sora and Riku from an...