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    Pirates Of The Carribean Online

    Hey does anyone know when the game will come out and who will play it?
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    New Organization Members

    This is for the people who want to get into one.It may go over 13 but I dought it. Org.13 Name:The Silent Tornado Name:Soxej(Sahzay) Age:12 Weapon:Swift Blade,it can change from 2 short blades to arrows and bows to dual blades,Like Pit in Brawl. Abilities:Can fly,and can teleport real quickly...
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    Ok ive gotten confused with all 3 of these characters can someone help out?Also sorry for the typo,I meant to write Xemnas,not Xeman.srry
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    I dont know where the theory place is so I think ill put it here.Also im sorry if anyone else made this theory. Theory: When Sora and Roxas fought,Roxas said "Tell me why he picked you!" That could mean the Keyblade doesnt chose its weilder it could be one of the knights and the reason I think...
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    One Piece

    This is a One Piece RPG where you pick who you want to be and whats the name of your ship,etc. Template: Name: Age: Apperance: Ship Name: Fruit:(if you want it) What are you:(swordsman,chef,sniper,doctor,navigator,and captain)you need these spots filled. Accomplishment:(What are you trying to...
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    Sweet 40-year old

    A 40 year old woman was shot and died in my old neighborhood,in the best store for kids 7-eleven.
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    A New Life

    This story is about a boy how finds out that he lost his old life and got a crappy new life that he cant stand.
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    HP Gauge

    Hey I was wondering how do you get to see the enemy's hp gauge.
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    A New Army

    Story Line Everyone Knows the tale of Sora.(if you dont then get out of this fansite)He lost his world,he got lost in worlds,he met up with new friends,fought heartless,defeated bad guys and stoped "Ansem" from taking over Kingdom Hearts.Then he fought Nobodys,saved worlds,defeated the...
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    Daxter or R.A.C.S.M.

    what game do you think is better Daxter or R.A.C.S.M.(that means ratchet and clank size matters)rate it 1 through 5. 5 being the best and 1 being the lowest. Daxter:4 Ratchet and Clank:4
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    I was wondering if I should get KH1 again since my sister scratched it all up and since I really liked it im not sure if im wasting money. P.S. Answer before 9:00 A.M.,and thats 6:00 A.M. for all the people in the west.
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    In this RPG you will need to make a character,a keyblade you made up,the age you want to be,also make a picture of your character with there Keyblade and their battle pose,I will pick certain people. Name:Jose Keyblade:Air Blade Element:Wind Age:15 Gender:Male Personality:Sora's Bio:He...
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    Other Keyblade Master's

    Im working on it.But I can tell you its about a boy who gets problems from nobodies,heartless,and Organization 13.Also im not starting until I get 5 responses.