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  1. Antifa Lockhart

    Revisiting the unvoiced stars from KH3 after episode 1 of DR

    Like walking along a mirror? I mean, the only couples who are identical are gay boyfriends. (context clues, they're twins) Some of the stars seem to be connected. Star 4 and 9 seem like they're about the same situation, the Master in this case is an artist and his pupil.
  2. Antifa Lockhart

    Baldr's sister & potential connections to Verum Rex?

    Because Luxord's appearance is the reward for getting the "good" ending.
  3. Antifa Lockhart

    Baldr's sister & potential connections to Verum Rex?

    The building that Yozora is hanging out on in the Secret Ending is identical to the palace from Versus. The scene of Yozora in the car is identical to one of Noctis waking up in his car and his chauffeur tells him "impressive isn't it" When Noctis looks out the window he sees the guard...
  4. Antifa Lockhart

    Baldr's sister & potential connections to Verum Rex?

    He's talking about the palace in the city. Just like in the versus XIII trailer.
  5. Antifa Lockhart

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    The rhythm game, Melody of Memories, IS the Kairi game
  6. Antifa Lockhart

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    When people say this it usually means "I don't really care about anything."
  7. Antifa Lockhart

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    There's not. It's shorthand for a movement that was adopted post-2016 specifically to create confusion around the idea of being anti-facist and malign anyone talking about being against facism automatically. It's a classic misdirect. It's like saying Racism is a single united group. Which, I...
  8. Antifa Lockhart

    What's everyone's thoughts on the minneapolis riots?

    The "go vote" argument is hilarious, as if gerrymandering doesn't exist. Take a fucking civics/sociology class.
  9. Antifa Lockhart

    Soo...about Dark Road....

    ...good lord, it's not an excuse, it's an actual worldwide threat. We shouldn't be expecting anything right now. Also, Spring ends June 20th.
  10. Antifa Lockhart

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Siblings

    I wanna chime in and say that the actual translation work for Kingdom Hearts has usually been pretty good, historically. Likely the fault isn't entirely the actual translator's or the adaptation team but may have come from above or someone in the Western team saying "now wait a minute"
  11. Antifa Lockhart

    How many worlds were lost to the heartless in KH 1? (Spoilers for various games)

    The Fall of Hollow Bastion occurs a year after BBS. Leon comments that it occurred "9 years ago" in KH1. Why would you think it occurred so shortly before KH1?
  12. Antifa Lockhart

    World Travel

    The portal that Maleficent and Pete use to escape the datascape is identical save for the emblems. I'm telling you, if it were anything other than smoke I'd imagine there would have to be a specific reason for it to be so.
  13. Antifa Lockhart

    A strange little thing I just noticed

    It's not that strange when you realize Disney would have to pay licensing rights to the actors' likenesses.
  14. Antifa Lockhart

    Intentional reference or just a coincidence?

    Coincidence. In Kingdom Hearts, Ira is the latin word for Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins. All the foretellers are named after one of the sins.
  15. Antifa Lockhart

    World Travel

    Again, we've seen it. Axel dies in the corridor part of a Dark Corridor.
  16. Antifa Lockhart

    World Travel

    We see them countless times, we even travel through them in KH2 when we go to the World That Never Was. That's a Dark Corridor.
  17. Antifa Lockhart

    News ► Nomura discusses KH3 ReMind, Dark Road, future developments in final issue of Dengeki Playstation

    It's also important to know that the gaming publications in Japan get a round of edits from Square, so, it's possible the interviewer did, and Nomura spoke about it, but it got snipped. The relationship over there is much more lax and trusting.
  18. Antifa Lockhart

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Keep in mind, Xehanort's original voice in Japan also died before KH3, and they replaced him with his son. Vexen's voice also died, and many other Disney voices throughout the series have died -- but Disney will work on projects regardless of KH or not, so eventually Disney Character Voices will...
  19. Antifa Lockhart

    The Master of Master's True Identity *SPOILERS*

    Actually, yes. The foretellers are named after the Seven Deadly Sins and the foretellers' animals are portrayed as their specific sins in various literature and mythology.
  20. Antifa Lockhart

    Was There A Reason For Mickey/Riku Doing This?

    It's like a well-known piece of lore mentioned in bbs that Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen-Sid were all friends as trainees.