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  1. Soldier

    Was the Pluto we saw at the beginning the real one? *SPOILERS*

    The Re:Coded scene you mention takes place shortly after the destruction of the guard armor and the first meeting of SDG. It's supposed to show how pluto left traverse town and began his odyssey. Since this scene takes place in the third district, that would make sense that Pluto is in the area...
  2. Soldier

    Was the Pluto we saw at the beginning the real one? *SPOILERS*

    Hello, After a while of thinking and revisiting the end of the original KH for that epic hand in hand reprise, I got to wondering. We all know what happens after the door to darkness is sealed, SDG encounter pluto on a grassy plain with one straight path, they notice that in his mouth is a...
  3. Soldier


    Well its clear why, the man's trying to save his livelihood by doing that. If he sends out a "heartfelt" apology then maybe his subscriber count would stop going down, and unfortunately it seems it has at least stagnated at 792,000 subscribers. Just enough to milk off of his previous success.
  4. Soldier


    I was wondering when you were going to weigh in on this. Yeah that's pretty scummy regardless, cheating on your wife is one thing, but child pornography just isn't right in any situation. I guess I can say he got what he deserved with this issues being brought to light.
  5. Soldier

    Foods you simply choose NOT to eat

    Was that a simpsons reference right there? "I couldn't handle eating any more Kangaroo testicles".
  6. Soldier

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    Nothing but interstitial rage within me. The whole time i'm watching the credits I'm saying things like "what the **** happened to Demyx?!?" and getting frustrated at the fact that they HAD to end off on a cliffhanger. KH 2 still has a more satisfying ending, everyone's home, and all you need to...
  7. Soldier


    I can't tell if you're a telemarketer with the way you casually inserted that essay help service or not, but welcome I guess?
  8. Soldier

    Plot mistakes in Corona and Arendelle

    The Ursula fought on Destiny Islands was an illusion the whole time constructed by Xehanort. You can see it at the end of the fight. As opposed to being overcome with darkness, she vanishes like a phantom.
  9. Soldier

    Hidden Gems

    The Tak series, specifically the 3rd one. My god is it a fun time with a second controller and person present. It's probably the ONLY way you'd be able to beat the final boss.
  10. Soldier

    Hello again Disasteriffic, I figured I might as well start the conversations here. I've met many...

    Hello again Disasteriffic, I figured I might as well start the conversations here. I've met many veterans in my short time here, and don't really know a lot of what this site used to be like back in the day before I discovered it. What other games besides final fantasy X-2 and Kingdom hearts do...
  11. Soldier


    Welcome back to the forums! obviously some things may have changed, but this is still a good forum through and through. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Soldier


    So i guess you could say Kevin had more "Harte" than projared ever will. And realistically speaking, I think this is a hefty blow that Jared will never recover from, no matter how hard he tries. Once your crimes are on the internet, they never go away.
  13. Soldier


    You saw it too man? I don't know what it is about it, but i Just enjoy watching the number slowly trickle down. I wonder if it'll plummet to the triple digits?
  14. Soldier


    Truer words regarding this situation have never been said. Youtube's got a good way to determine the waxing and waning popularity of a channel by the subscriber count. Since This situation's so bad and Jared can't really fix this situation, all we can do is watch the subscriber count drop.
  15. Soldier


    Such is the downfall of man, fame glorifies, power corrupts. As regular people, we can only imagine what that does to a person. We've seen celebrities fall from grace when these accusations come to light. America's dad is under house arrest, and the mighty bastion formerly known as Normal Boots...
  16. Soldier

    Hello! Im new here!

    Welcome back i Guess? please enjoy your time on the forums.
  17. Soldier


    What the true takeaway from all this is that at this point, Projared's subscriber count on both his channels is slowly going down about 5 subscribers a minute. I'm not kidding, his subscriber count was initially in the 907,000 range, now it's trickling down to the 897,000 range. that's a drop of...
  18. Soldier


    Wait a second, Jim Cummings is in on this too!?!? the voice of Kaa, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh is as low as projared right now. What is this world coming to MATGSY?
  19. Soldier

    Most boring game you’ve ever played?

    Definitely has to be Zoo Tycoon ultimate animal collection on the PC. I love the original zoo tycoon games with all of my heart, but there's just nothing here! part of the original charm was that you could build your own zoo and intentionally let the animals lose (i mean, they "accidentally...
  20. Soldier


    *reads the title* I was anticipating someone would make a thread about this guy, wonder what it's about. *reads the first post* Well, I can't say i'm not disappointed. Man, this guy has REALLY lost a lot of respect from me. I used to watch his pokemon Nuzlockes and comment on his recklessness...