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  1. Insomniac

    Been replaying 0.2 and...

    Okay, so I’m not the only one who can’t see the difference as far as the Mickey models lol. I mean I guess I can kind of see a more defined line separating his eye areas and his mouth area but even that isn’t easily discernible to me.
  2. Insomniac

    Spoilers ► Final Fantasy in the DLC

    This. It’s things like this that keep me coming back for Nomura’s insanity. It amazes me sometimes how many layers there can be to his content. I just hope that Verum Rex or whatever title is used to express what was meant to be in Versus XIII will do so in a satisfying way without throwing too...
  3. Insomniac

    Nameless Star

  4. Insomniac

    Spoilers ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Re Mind DLC Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Sorry I hate to repost my own comment but I really want to know the answer if anyone has any information on this aspect I would very greatly appreciate it.
  5. Insomniac

    News ► Tai Yasue talks about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind in Twitter Q&A

    This is great, thank you Goldpanner and thank you Chaser! I’m curious to see if this is confirmation that we won’t be able to play as Ventus, Lea, Mickey, or Xion? Also we now have confirmation that Xion and Master Xehanort definitely have Limit Cut Boss Fights. So much news, I almost feel like...
  6. Insomniac

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Screenshows Showcase Upcoming Features

    The Kingdom Hearts Instagram page has also been updated with the English version of all the images/screenshots.
  7. Insomniac

    News ► Dual wielding returns with Kingdom Hearts III's Oathkeeper and Oblivion new formchange

    Is there any mention as to when exactly the Free Update is supposed to launch?
  8. Insomniac

    Are you pre-ordering Re Mind?

    I pre-ordered the Orchestra Edition. When it comes to Kingdom Hearts for me, it’s go big or go home lol. I’ve always wanted to go to the concerts but my schedule has never permitted it so this is definitely an appreciated addition and well worth the price point. I’m excited for the content and I...
  9. Insomniac

    The Realm of Darkness

    The age of fairy tales is commonly believed to have taken place some time ago in the past of what we know currently as the Kingdom Hearts Universe (long before KH3 and even before BBS). At the conclusion of that time period we are to believe that the world fell to darkness and the only remnants...
  10. Insomniac

    How many times did you play through KH3?

    I’ve beaten the game twice. The first time at launch (I actually got my copy the same day as the Japanese release and managed to beat it prior to the NA release. Couldn’t risk those Epilogue Spoilers or miss the first day of the semester) on Proud. The second playthrough was on Critical which I...
  11. Insomniac

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    The thing i’m most looking forward too with this new trailer is hopefully getting a release date. That alone will leave me satisfied but some new areas or even a coliseum like series of battles would also be very welcomed. Hopefully in the form of the Mirage Arena but I won’t hold my breath for...
  12. Insomniac

    Antagonist Backstory

    According to an interview regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 (I cant remember which one) it was stated that at one point there was a desire to create a game fleshing out Xehanort’s backstory but, due to the Xehanort saga ending with KH3 that dream became difficult to realize. It seems now that parts of...
  13. Insomniac

    The Crown

    What if the sigil worn by the prophesied traitor isn’t actually the “X” or recusant sigil but actually the Crown sigil worn by Sora and Yozora? The label of “traitor” could be a reference to them being the leading factors in foiling the Master of Masters plans, despite being inheritors of a...
  14. Insomniac

    Nameless Star

    What if the Nameless Star is actually the girl we observed being taken by the Mech suits in the Verum Rex commercial? The heart she pines for is Yozora’s and the name calls for attention from Sora as this is the second time on this journey that he’s come across this character and is curious to...
  15. Insomniac

    Now that everyone(except Sora) is back in the realm of light, what would you like to see?

    Kingdom Hearts Battle Royale, where either solos, duos, or teams of three can jump down on Disney movie themed maps and slay heartless/nobody’s in a PvE mode or go up against other wielders in a PvP mode.
  16. Insomniac

    I wonder if Roxas can still call on the samurai army nobody?

    Well with the revelation in Dream Dream Distance that nobodies can eventual grow new hearts, and Roxas being a perfect example of that. I would lean towards yes, it could still be possible since they all had harbored parts of Xehanort’s heart within them and still retained control of their...
  17. Insomniac

    Why don’t sora have dual weilding like roxas?

    This is just my interpretation but, I would say that Sora as an individual never really displayed the inherent ability to dualwield on his own but only through the sacrifice of one of his allies through the use of drive forms. The three good fairies appear to have somehow been able to allow Sora...
  18. Insomniac

    How long do you think we might be in Shibuya?

    I think it will be the setting for 1 entire game but, it can function similar to Castle Oblivion in Chain of Memories, where various worlds can appear and be accessible regardless of if they are “real” or not. I doubt we will ever see an entire Kingdom Hearts title without any Disney...
  19. Insomniac

    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    I’m having some trouble finding the exact quote in reference but I remember this being touched upon at sometime in an interview with stated that the blue Kingdom Hearts was its true form although I am currently unable to support this with any concrete evidence. I was however, able to find a...