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    Who Remembers me!!

    hey guys came to visit dont know if anyone remembers me but if u do stop by to say hi also if u have a ps3 add my accounts They are Xelrahc_Yrreve The_XVth_Sword and xFranken-Steinx my IMs are msn: Ce5omega@live.com AIM: Ce5omega@aim.com hope u gys reply and remember MoO lol
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    Im Back

    The Forsaken Sun of Oblivion has returned to KHI :laugh: Since my History now lies in the trash bin(WTF!!) ive decied to make a new modern history for myself and since im grounded form my Ps3 and Wii i have nothing better to do so im Back! if u know me or remember me PM or comment this thread...
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    I have returned!!!!

    I Xelrahc Yrreve the master of oblivion have returned for the dark abyss know has the reall world lol IM BACK!!!!!!!!
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    bye bye

    im leaving this forum for good its boring to me now i dont know if ppl care or not but im leaving so bye bye thanks for the good times =D
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    kh2:FM and KHCOM:FM video

    i dunno if this is old or new but my cousin gave me this video on KH2com:FM and KH2:FM so watch? XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4itvyMRs9cM
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    well im finally leaving XD this will not be my last post i will visit time to time thanks for a good time KHI byebye (~:MasterofOblivion:~) P.S. no flaming
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    (~:The MasterofSinOblivon fanclub:~)

    This is a fanclub for my brother MoSO a.k.a KHprod if u respect him know him and etc. plz join today (~:MasterofOblivion:~)
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    Happy Birthday Ultima Keyblade!!!

    Happy brithday Ultima Keyblade Happy Brithday to Ultima Keyblade have a good one =D (~:masterofoblivion:~)
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    a thread for the posse

    ok here is where the posse can hang out and stuff and talk about the problems right now XD the posse: Bernie, Bertie, Roxy, Jennirator, Frodo, Cedric, Moanie, Sherlock, Palma, Luigi and Jolly, Maya i havent been on lately so tell me whats been going on here
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    ~*~*The Beauxxx Fanclub*~*~

    This fanclub is meant for the one most awesome person on this forum Beauxxx everone who loves her admires her or respects her JOIN NOW!!!!! rules yes there r rules u fool xD: -Absolutley no flaming of kikyo, or anyone will be tolerated. -This also goes for "criticism" as well. And if you...
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    ~*~*The Namine Fanclub reborn*~*~

    ello ppl i am here to bring back a fanclub which shouldnt have died i MasterofOblivion remake a fanclub for our girl NAMINE!!!! which is this girl v post all ur likes and dislikes about namine and plz dont let this fanclub die again btw NAMINE IS MINE!!!!! (~:MasterofOblivion:~)
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    Happy brithday DWD

    YAY!!!! today is DWD B-day =D so everyone who knows her say happy b-day to DwD =D and i wish u a great B-day =D now let there be fireworks now let there be cake =D (~:masterofoblivion:~)
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    The Coke Cola Fanclub

    join only if u like coke cola and dont say pepsi is better cuz its not coke cola king: masterofoblivion coke cola VP: sora's_guardian coke cola drinkers: sephy-kun gaara-sama
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    it's Beauxxx B-DAY!!!!!!!! =D

    HAPPY B-DAY Beauxxx =D and for ur B-Day u get a cake,a kitty, fireworks XD, and what anyone else gives u Here r ur fireworks here is ur cake here is ur kitty http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g191/cve123/cutest_little_kitten_and_frog.jpg have have a nice B-day ^^ (~:masterofoblivion:~)
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    me taking a lil break

    ok im tried of this forum so i will take a five day break form here may not seem much butim taking it me starting on my lil break tommorrow at 7:00 PM will ppl miss me maybe maybe not :D
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    guess what the poster above u fears

    like the title says figure what i fear first it can be form anything like a movie or to death have fun
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    the pizza lover club

    love pizza i know i do that is y i made a fanclub for pizza join the pizza lover club to day =D
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    Link vs. sephiorth who will win

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=i20nzWd8lUs&search=kingdom%20hearts%20star%20wars link vs. sephiroth who will win i know but do u know
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    O= The Gaara-sama Fanclub =O

    Well fans,worshipers,friends and etc. of Gaara-sama Gaara-sama what can i say about this guy me not sure XD jk this boy cuz the doom of mexico =O jk again this boy is a good friend,a gaara fan duh , i belive a great RPer and etc. join now or u might lose ur money =O
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    rate the joke above u

    ok this game is when u make up a joke or funny story and the person to post after rates it an that persons makes a joke and so on rate the joke 0-10 i will start some guy: ur full of urself arent u MoO MoO: sometimes XD MoO: right chuck chuck: sometime ha ur full of ur self all the...