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  1. Darkness of White

    Ask A Subway Employee ANYTHING!

    I work at a Subway. Ask anything you want.
  2. Darkness of White

    Anime/Manga ► Sailor Moon Crystal

    You know, as active as I remember this place, I'm shocked to find that no one has mentioned Sailor Moon in years..... And now, there's a reboot of this beautiful story called Sailor Moon Crystal. Has anyone seen it yet? You can find it on Hulu for free, there are only 4 episodes out so far, and...
  3. Darkness of White

    Disgaea series

    Does anyone play these games? Or maybe even watch the anime? I could only find threads from 4 years ago on anything Disgaea related. On such a gaming community, I am honestly surprised.
  4. Darkness of White

    "Violin" and others

    Violin The bow glides across blue strings No one can hear her silent screams Her tears fall lightly to the ground Her sobs can make no sound The violin makes no music The bow makes no trick The strings do not vibrate Its only intention is to sedate Ribbons fall from the blue strings The bow...
  5. Darkness of White

    Never been to an Anime Convention Club!!!

    Anime con-less, cosplay-less, and wanting to go so badly!! WE NEED CONS THAT WE CAN GO TO!!!!! So here's a club where we can gather and feel sorry for ourselves and stuffs! WOOT!!! Anime Con Virgins(Ty Starcrossedsky for the term <3) Darkness of White Random Queen Kaos6 Gesso impart-distart...
  6. Darkness of White

    Random boredom drawing

    Ok, so I've told some people about this already. My current obsession is LoZ, partly cause of Skyward Sword's announcement<3 And I took the anime I grew up with and combined the two into one picture that took a couple days to finish. So...since the image tags aren't working for me for some...
  7. Darkness of White

    Problems I've been having

    So, I have a problem with most of the guys I've started to like for some reason or another. Just about all of them are either completely gay or are bi and leaning more towards guys than girls. Watching some YT videos of a REALLY hott guy who happens to be gay got me thinking about it. The only...
  8. Darkness of White

    Existance on a Fragile Chain

    Ok, this story is 100% mine. It's even been published in the town newspaper, though that was a bad version of it. And please, no crap about vampires, this is not Twilight, no one sparkles. If you like them, great, if not, you don't have to read it. That being said, if you choose to continue...
  9. Darkness of White

    The Alchemist FanClub!!!

    The Alchemist FC is for those who like FullMetal Alchemist. TO JOIN: You must like FMA and give an Alchemist titile, and pick a color. Alchemists: Founder- White Snow Alchemist: Darkness of White Elemental Alchemist: roxas001 Awesome Sig Alchemist: Ta-chan Chrimson Light Alchemist: Nero...
  10. Darkness of White

    Vampire and Changeling War RP

    (OOC-Ok, this is the actual RP thread. Make sure you follow the rules stated here: http://forums.khinsider.com/canon-roleplays/124980-vampire-changeling-war-twilight-based-rp-ooc-sign-ups.html And no OOC in this thread, except for this post of course. The RP is still joinable until further...
  11. Darkness of White

    DoW's Poetry

    So I decided to make a thread with my poetry in it. Tell me what you think please! Oh, and no, I'm not changing any of these, what I post is the final product, so please don't tell me to change them. 9-9-08 Lost in my own heart, all I see, all I want, is you, someone who I can only dream...
  12. Darkness of White

    Vampire and Changeling War: Twilight based RP(OOC and Sign-ups)

    http://forums.khinsider.com/canon-roleplays/125291-vampire-changeling-war-rp.html The RP thread is up.^ Years ago, the Vampires and the Changelings made a treaty. This was to keep the Vampires off the Changelings’ lands. They fought together and made allies of each other. They became good...
  13. Darkness of White


    Does anyone else like vocaloids? Basically a vocaloid is a digitization of a voice that is used to make songs. They sound really neat. Most of what I've found on YouTube so far has been Japanese, but people have been using the Japanese sounds to make English words and songs. They are really...
  14. Darkness of White

    Robert Pattinson Singing

    It's DISCUSTING imo!!!!! I HATE IT!!! Good actor, bad singer. YouTube - Robert Pattinson singing: I'll be your Lover too - Lyrics And I read singing was his back up plan if acting doesn't work out. Yeah, he's the actor for Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen, but DANG!!!!!!! (BTW, I put...
  15. Darkness of White

    Escape to the stars(Strify sigs)

    Are these any good? I just started doing real people sigs yesterday, and these are my favorites. I just barely finished them. I think they are awesome, but I don't know what you guys think. Also, which do you think is better? I'm not sure on that either.
  16. Darkness of White

    High School Choirs

    I'm in an auditioned choir myself and I love it to death. This is my second year, and I plan on staying in it until I graduate. Is/was anyone else in a High School choir? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
  17. Darkness of White

    My boy problem

    I have had this problem basically all my life, no matter what I do, I can't find a non family member male that is at all intrested in me as anything more than a friend in real life. The only acception is my best friend who already HAS a girlfriend. He and I have been friends for a year and he...
  18. Darkness of White

    I am having a bit of a problem...

    A few months ago, one of my very best and closest friends tried to comit suicide to escape her abusive family. She was sent away and I haven't seen her since then, and I stopped having contact with her soon after. My family had started to make plans for a 16th birthday party, but I told them no...
  19. Darkness of White

    Vic Mignogna, Voice Actor

    Does anyone else just love his voice? He has been in so many animes it's hard to know all of them, much less watch all of them. He voiced Edward in FMA Dark in DNAngel, and is going to voice Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club, which comes out in English in October. (If this is in the...
  20. Darkness of White

    Internet a Fantasy World

    My dad just got upset with me because I wanted to show him a picture and said that anything on the internet was a fantasy. What do you think about that? IS the internet a fantasy world?