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  1. AleMustDie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package Arrives March 17th 2020 on PlayStation 4

    The Mega-Collection of the Collection of the Collection already out on PS3. Well, for the new people who approaching the Series is a good thing. But sincerely Ill wait for a Remaster or porting on PS5
  2. AleMustDie

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Wait a sec. Im not really follow UX story since a lot of time There is a recap somewhere? I played KHIII and not yet the ReMind part. Just watched the Secret Ending on YT. But Vanitas says Ia am darkness. Is it related to Darkness? I mean, when you defeat him. Could it be that he recompose as...
  3. AleMustDie

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Poor Ventus. He suffer of some Bipolar Disorder for Vanitas' fault
  4. AleMustDie

    Spoilers ► Final Fantasy in the DLC

    I expect the warrior Seifer , Squall and maybe Rinoa. For Sephiroth, well, he 's gonna be a Extra Boss again Im pretty sure. They included FF in Re:Mind not for the fans, but more like a preview.
  5. AleMustDie

    News ► Brand new art exhibit to commemorate KH3 Re Mind's release coming to Shibuya

    Well, the arts are recycled, but in the complex looks cool Also, the new Artwork from Project Xehanort revels a third (atleast) apprentice, so, someday we'll see the trio or whatever in a new Art
  6. AleMustDie

    Sora's Crown Necklace

    Could be a Relic from his Family. Something like this. Could he be from a Royal Family? Or just a noble like Eraqus? Im thinking about it from a lot of time. Yes, but why he lives in Destiny Islands then?
  7. AleMustDie

    News ► Square Enix announces brand new Kingdom Hearts mobile game

    What if is a Chess Game? Enough of these Mobile Games. Just make a Young Xehanort Game, like BBS, from the Past. With Eraqus their Master, and the other KB wielder from the Artwork. Fortunately, Kingdom Hearts 4 and another Title exist. We just have to wait...
  8. AleMustDie

    News ► Tai Yasue talks about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind in Twitter Q&A

    So basically, only Boss Battles. I wish I could play as Axel... Also, if Yozora is the Secret Boss, they fight in that Dimension of the Final Trailer then, they end in Verum World... Could be like this. So the long Kingdom Hearts 4 , or Spin Off, wait begins... See you soon, in 5 or 6 years.
  9. AleMustDie

    News ► Take a look at Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind's Japanese Pre Order theme

    The PS4 Pro Theme is much better, but not bad I had to buy it on eBay, 'cause in the European PS4 was missing.
  10. AleMustDie

    News ► [UPDATED] Square Enix removes reference to a new world in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

    Removed from Blog? Obviously it's the Yozora's World. Maybe could we get a little Preview of KH4?
  11. AleMustDie

    Looking for a new Party (JP)

    I'm looking for a new active Party JP Im in Vulpes at the moment I can raid once per day. At the 23:00 (JP) Level 390 I'm strong enough. For this HSC I can share Axel HD EX with AB XL III, Ventus HD EX with AB XL II 100%, Terra HD EX without Skill and not guilted.
  12. AleMustDie

    Tier 15 Coliseum [JP] September

    I just want to share with you this Video... I recorded one round in Tier 15 Coli (JP) All rounds so far in 1 Turn... but now it's getting hard for me. I need to try a 2 Turns strategy now on. What is your Rank in Coliseum right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqL5TjHUBww&t=2s