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  1. Spikeyroxas

    King Triton

    I couldn't find a thread with this answer so I've made this one. I was thinking about King Triton and his knowledge on the keyblade- the question being how he knows about these things since it's evident that the other worlds have little to no knowledge about other worlds and the key ( Other...
  2. Spikeyroxas

    Forgotten abilities

    How do you think they will explain the lack of spells or abilities for Sora (Donald and goofy too) in kingdom hearts 3? So far it's gone like this: re:Com - they forgot "every spell and ability they ever learnt" upon entering castle oblivion. kh2 - similar reason to re:com khDDD - start fresh...
  3. Spikeyroxas

    Birth By Sleep including Re: Coded Commands?

    Just a quick thought I had, do you think that maybe some commands from Re:Coded could be included within Birth by sleeps arsenal? (similar to how KHCOM had extra cards due to 358/2days) Since I guess there wont be Group or team commands because there will be no multiplayer in BBS and Re:coded...
  4. Spikeyroxas

    The Boy Who Sought the World

    A couple of questions: 1. Who is the man on destiny islands at the very start of the game? He says "this world, is just too small" then it fades into the scene with MX with Ven ina blanket. 2. When terra is talking to riku, he looks at him and sees the man i mentioned in question 1, then he...
  5. Spikeyroxas


    Did anyone else get annoyed in the scene at hollow bastion where they found the password behind the ansem the wise picture. And donald was like DOOR.....................TO................DARKNESS Then they spent about 5mins confirming it DTD. I was ffs donald its a 3 word sentence! And the...
  6. Spikeyroxas

    Whats your favourite boss(es)?

    I loved kh1 and 2 and started playibg my saves again. I ha it saved on some of y fav bosses and i decided to make vids of them. My number 1 fav boss was the Groundshaker. I also have other fav bosses (not nessasarily in order) Heres some vids i made, all with cutscenes included: Groundshaker...