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    Maleficent and Pete Never Should've Been a Partnership

    This is a random thread, but to this day it still doesn't make sense to me that, out of all the right-hand people Maleficent could've recruited, she settled on Pete, whose main motivation at that point was to get more votes in Disney Town by dressing up in costumes. Yet, she believed he had the...
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    Xehanort's Character in the DLC

    So, I think it's safe to say that Master Xehanort's final scene was a bit polarizing for many long-time fans. While I myself didn't have too much of an issue with it, it was a bit of an abrupt transition after all the horrible things he's done, even in this game alone. He was always doing them...
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    Would you want ReMind to Change Anything in the Canonical Story

    It's a bit of running joke at this point among many fans that ReMind may basically be "How the Ending Should've Been." Obviously, we have no idea what this DLC will change, if anything, but it seems like many events will be given another alternative. What would you like? Aqua truly standing...
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    How Much More Did Xehanort Truly Know?

    I have some scattered thoughts that I just wanted to post. This will be incomplete without more information that will come out of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and future titles, but I feel as though Xehanort is even more in control of this saga than even the Masters of Masters in some ways.
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    All the Children Sacrificed in the Name of Your Research

    This line from Xehanort's heartless in the last trailer to me is the darkest moment because of its implications. Ansem the Wise's initial experiments prior to KH1 are very vague and seemed to imply that Xehanort was the sole test subject before he took the research into his own hands, but this...