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  1. Revolution

    Favorite Cutscenes?

    Title pretty much says it all - What is your favorite cutscene in the game? hDbx4p1UEq8 Roxas feels
  2. Revolution

    Will Princesses of Heart be playing a role in the next game?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLp1NI_JD3A Fast forward to about 2:15 when Mickey and Yen Sid are talking about the past Keyblade War and Kingdom Hearts and the X-Blade being gone. Yen Sid says "Those seven hearts of pure light are the origin of our Realm. If they ate lost, our worlds will be...
  3. Revolution

    TV ► Smash

    (I didn't see a thread on this, forgive me if I am wrong) Has anyone else watched it? It's probably one of my favorite shows on any of the big 4 (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC) at the moment. From IMDB: Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwHDfl_GIE Examples of performances and songs...
  4. Revolution

    Stained Red (Please review!)

    The winter wind filled the streets of the Long Island village that she lived in. Snow was drifting down softly, covering the streets and roves in a thin blanket of white that glistened in the dim light of the street lamps, coating the icicles that hung from the frozen gutters. The majority...
  5. Revolution


    Flashing lights and a blaring siren. Screams and crying. The sound of death. ____________________________________ The blustering wind filled the streets of the Long Island village that she lived in. Snow was drifting down softly, covering the streets and pathways in a thin blanket of white...
  6. Revolution

    [SPOILERS] So, three have are back to their original persona?

    So, from the trailer, we see So, this scene obviously takes place after II when the three become a Somebody again. But what is Lea talking about? Why was he looking for the other two and what icky job does he have? More or less, who is he working for?
  7. Revolution

    Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador thwarted, U.S. officials say

    Iran sure likes pushing our buttons.
  8. Revolution

    Kingdom Hearts - One of the Top 10 Best Series at TGS?

    From IGN.com Japan's Biggest Gaming Franchises - Games Feature at IGN Not bad for DDD
  9. Revolution

    My theories on DDD, all summed up.

    So, my theories have been scattered throughout the forums in different threads so I decided to start a threat with them. Yeah, it's long and a bunch of different crap. So go to the bottom for the Tl;dr version. Sora, Vanitas, Ven Going into the Mastery Exam, Yen Sid spoke of a so called...
  10. Revolution

    Random Photos of mine

    Shall be updated if they get edited or when I get new ones. Let me know whatcha think :)
  11. Revolution

    Mistrial in the death of a 14 year old, shot in school in 2008

    Article Was there no lesser charges he could have been guilty of? Manslaughter? Bringing a gun to school? Anything?
  12. Revolution

    How we learned our countries of the world

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDtdQ8bTvRc Outdated but still great :biggrin:
  13. Revolution

    Something I want for future games: Original Heartless.

    something I found lacking in KH2 was the heartless. They were always the same. Armored Knights, Surveillance things and those giant green balls. That's all they were. Kingdom Heart's had a lot of great heartless. Such as these... In Dream Drop Distance and future games, I hope Nomura...
  14. Revolution

    Kingdom Hearts 3D offically to be at E3

    Though we pretty much knew it, here's the offical clarification of 3D at E3. Square Enix: Hitman Absolution: (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS) Tomb Raider(PS3, Xbox 360, PC) *Rumored* Deus Ex: Human Revolution(PS3, Xbox 360, PC) *Rumored* Final Fantasy XIII-2(PS3, Xbox 360) Source...
  15. Revolution

    This is just terrible =\

    Brazil buries school kids killed by gunman - Yahoo! News Honestly, I just find this sickening. If your that crazy to take your own life, fine. But don't kill innocent children who have done nothing wrong.
  16. Revolution

    How does this make you feel?

  17. Revolution

    Square gives 100 million Yen/1 Million USD to Japan

    This is pretty great of them. It should definatly help out the people there. :) Link
  18. Revolution

    Just say

    Where can I go, Out in the cold, Nowhere to go, no home. Tryin' to hide, can't stop to cry. My tears won't come any longer.. But I say Somewhere in the dark, I'll find the good of this life. No one can keep me away. Though you may throw Those sticks and your stones My life can't get any worse...
  19. Revolution

    Which game had the best opening?

    Here's links to the video's if you can't remember them Kingdom Hearts 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVw4B7f0CTM Chain of Memories (Re:CoM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOqLY8xzF4g Kingdom Heart's 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIzDHjwVwgU Kingdom Heart's 358/2 Days...
  20. Revolution

    Kingdom Heart's AMV's

    I made these about a year ago, but they're some of my favourite and best one's so far. So, tell me what you think of them. Thanks :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X0EVQDgtAI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZVIis2-J64