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  1. Key Wielder

    "Road to Dawn"

    This is just a one-shot set between Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days, originally posted on my ffnet and AO3 accounts. ~*~ Saying goodbye was the hardest part. That was something he hadn’t really considered when he was little and decided that it was time to explore other worlds besides...
  2. Key Wielder

    Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War

    There is nothing simplistic in life. There is no life without death, no winning without losing, no hope without despair. There is no light without darkness. There is no peace without war. No war can be fought without losing the things that one holds dear to him. His most cherished possessions...
  3. Key Wielder

    Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War [Part One Sign-up and OOC Thread]

    Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War Story Thread ~The Story~ “We know so little about the Keyblade War… …only that it was just the beginning.” --Master Xehanort, Birth by Sleep The worlds have long coexisted peacefully. While each has its own domain separate from the others, corridors of...
  4. Key Wielder

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hi, all! I'm Key Wielder, and I guess you could tell I am a new poster around here. I've been lurking for news and enjoying the discussions since sometime around Jump Festa 2010 (c'mon, dat BBS trailer) and finally decided to join in. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since the beginning and love...