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  1. SeaSalt IceCream

    Machina and Rem. by an Aspiring Graphic Artist (I'm learning)

    Hey there, I don't often post things, but i'm keen to advance my skills as I will be studying graphic design at university next year - i'd like to get some feed back to improve my skills. I started this by following a tutorial - but got bored and went off on my own little tangent. XD Sorry -...
  2. SeaSalt IceCream

    Oerba PINK Vanille <3

    Ahem I'm a little shy about posting this... but ‎Buniberzei insisted that it was worth doing so here goes... Girlishness at is finest.
  3. SeaSalt IceCream

    I guess it's true what they say - you can never stay away.

    Greetings! I'm not sure how many people that I used to know here would still be here or even remember me - so I figured I'd reintroduce myself again. ^_^ I'm a light-hearted, carefree 18 yr old girl who believes that your reality is what you make it. I disappeared from here around two years...
  4. SeaSalt IceCream

    I challenge you King Sora X!

    Okay my bro, I think it's about time for round two! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is... THEME - KH Related. SIZE - Whatever you feel most comfortable with. TIME LIMIT - Unpecified, - Whenever we're both ready, XD ASAP, (Judges, you will be pm'd when both have posted. )...
  5. SeaSalt IceCream

    Need MALE input!

    Hey guys, Im going an opinionative collumn for school about the false stereotyping of the male gender. Basically, This is an advertisement by WakeBoard Nebraska, My question to you is this, Do you think the ad encourages you to buy the product and why? I only want serrious answers please...
  6. SeaSalt IceCream

    Worst Pick-Up lines Ever!!!

    Just for a bit of fun, What are the worst Pick-up lines you've ever heard? Preferably looking for ones which suck so much they're funny, :lol: If you have a story behind one too and want to share it, you're quite welcome to! Okie dokie I'll start.... This is a "nerdy" pick-up line I heard a...
  7. SeaSalt IceCream

    ♥-♥\Warm Fuzzies/♥-♥

    Sometimes... Forums can get people down with critisism So... It's time for some warm fuzzies, Say something nice about the person above you, If you don't know them, Just say something that will make them smile. :)
  8. SeaSalt IceCream


    Ok this Game as by the title is called Lyrics, Some of you may have played your own version of this game before, This version is a version me and my friends came up with whilst bored on msn, I've slightly changed it to suit forums, HOW TO PLAY The person above you will rattle of a line or...
  9. SeaSalt IceCream


    Hey everybody, A lot of you know my good buddy Endless Reason he's been a KHI member for over a year now, He's a killer Sig Maker as a lot of you will know,:cool: So.... LET'S SCREAM OUT.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ENDLESS REASON! Hope you have the most Awesome Day! Your Buddy SeaSalt :)
  10. SeaSalt IceCream

    ~Wishing Star Studios~

    ~Welcome to Wishing Star Studios!~ Need a new sig or avatar? Want somthing different and Unique? Well you've come to the right Place! Artists Name: SeaSalt IceCream Position: The Boss, The Owner, The Queen of this here Shop. Started: Day one... I can't remember when that was... My favourite...
  11. SeaSalt IceCream

    Are the Forums are like a Sterotypical School?

    Well I wasn't sure where to put this soo... I thought I'd try here! Mods: If I have put this in the wrong spot would you mind terrible to put this in the right place? Thanks! Ok On with discussion. I had this weird thought the other day which made me kinda laugh inside. KHI Forums being a bit...
  12. SeaSalt IceCream

    For the Love of IceCream! A connection between Ven and Roxas?

    Hello there, I've been thinking it's been a while since I posted one of my random thoughts upon a thread! Yes this is a rather ahem... Different? Idea on a possible connection between Ven and our good ol' friend Roxy boy! Before you say somthing like "You're an idiot of course there's...
  13. SeaSalt IceCream

    The Uncomforting Truth.

    Hi, Ok This is my first fan fiction ever written so I really do hope you'll enjoy it! I'll do my best to make an intresting real for you all! Just so you know where I'm comming from the story starts two days before Sora, Riku and Kairi get the King's letter... Ok I'm not telling you anymore I...
  14. SeaSalt IceCream

    Glittering Blue Cracks - Darkside of the Worlds

    Hey everyone! I know it's really long but well worth reading, especially for you theory bashers wanting a challenge, some people might want to see a different point of veiw aswell! I've been getting a little bored with the same old threads on the new games so I thought I'd come up with...
  15. SeaSalt IceCream

    A must watch!

    I have no idea if this is old but I was messing round on youtube and saw this. I thought it was really cool and in a sense even if I had never heard of Kingdom Hearts I would have wanted to see this if it were a movie. Please no flaming if this is old just enjoy the clip. YouTube - Kingdom...
  16. SeaSalt IceCream

    Training Time!

    In Kingdom Hearts one you have the option of training at DI before you leave. I want to hear your training method. Mine is an oldie but a goodie and that's hitting Wakka's balls when he throws em at ya which gives you Experience points. Also What level have you gone up to the highest before...
  17. SeaSalt IceCream

    Xehanort: Foolish Aprentice?

    Isn't Xehanort an intresting Character? His heartless steals Ansem the Wise's name and creates havoc amongst the worlds Whereas his His nobody laughs at Ansem saying that only a fool would be his aprentice, AHAHAHAHAHA He called himself a fool. Isn't it funny Xemnas laughs at Ansem saying what...
  18. SeaSalt IceCream

    Worlds you'd LOVE to HATE!

    Hey I see there's a lot of theads on what people would like to see in future games, so here's an intresting thread. What worlds would you hate to see. Almost so you wouldn't want to play Kingdom Hearts again EVER! I doubt they would but Mine would be High School Musical... Oh the Horror...
  19. SeaSalt IceCream

    Pooh's Story Book!

    Reading a lot of theory threads I decided we kinda needed some light hearted discussion on good ol' Pooh Bear! Which do you think has the better Story line in Pooh's Story Book. KH 1 or KH 2? Which do you think had the best mini games KH 1 or KH 2? It would be intresting to ready your...
  20. SeaSalt IceCream

    Why Namine? (Another Nobody Question)

    Why Namine? How did she get her name? I know Roxas got his from Xemnas. (To give him purpose) What if Xemnas had never found him or he refused the offer to join? Would he have just gone as a no name? I doubt he would have turned into a dusk but would have have just faded back into darkness...