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  1. MegaFlare

    It's snowing!

    Who else got snow early this year? ;P I'm excitedddd.
  2. MegaFlare

    Firefox Help.

    I usually store my passwords in FireFox so I dont have to login every day- I'm automatically logged in. It worked great until today, now I can't seem to store any passwords at all. (I'm the only one who uses my comp, so its not a prob). My problem is that FireFox isn't letting me store passwords...
  3. MegaFlare

    Britney And K-fed Divorce!! :3

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061107/ap_on_en_mu/spears_divorce Finally, Britney dumps that loser. Party hard. :)
  4. MegaFlare

    KHInsider's Halloween Costume Contest!

    Part of Our Halloween Celebrations! Synopsis: Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have your costume ready? It's time for our first annual halloween costume contest! What to do: -Just upload a picture of yourself in your Halloween Costume, and Private Message it to Ryu! This thread is...
  5. MegaFlare

    Flare's leave.

    Members of KHI- Yes, even Queen Flare needs a time-out from ruling at KHI. She'll be gone for a couple months, more or less. I've already created a resignation topic for the Staff, but I wanted to say goodbye to the members, as well, because I will miss you all too. If you have something...
  6. MegaFlare

    Happy Birthday Monkeybutt!

    Happy Birthday to Monkeybutt! A few of his friends passed .psd's and signed this card, although time differences caused a prob. Post here wishing Monkeybutt a happy birthday ^^ ....
  7. MegaFlare

    Ehh... ._. Scratch Help

    Ehh.. I kinda.. made a mistake ._. Let's just say I was trying to wipe something off my monitor, and I took something with a grainy edge to do it. There are two extremely long scratches that are there.. nothing is working.. ._. Anyone know how I can get rid of the scratches?
  8. MegaFlare

    American Idol

    Can't believe there's so topics on this already x_x Anyone else watch this show? I watch it every single week, love it. My favorite show besides Lost =P Use this topic to discuss who you want to win this season. IMO, Chris Daughtry, FTW. Did anyone see his Walk the Line performance...
  9. MegaFlare

    SPOILER BOXES: How to use them.

    I've seen so many threads where people have forgot/dont know how to use the spoiler boxes. Feel free to practice here. Here's how to do it! EDIT: Also, if your spoiler box doesn't show up right, try putting a space after each sentence or comma. Example:
  10. MegaFlare

    Spam, Spoiler Boxes, Signatures, and Respect [ALL MEMBERS READ THIS]

    Felt the need to post this, since it is asked so often. Sigs are customely made for *you*. You can request one in the graphics section of this forum. There is no sig website. Graphics section can be found here: http://forums.khinsider.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20 If someone makes you an image...
  11. MegaFlare

    //\/\ Listen Up. Ahem. /\\/\/ Do NOT put Spoilers in the Title of your Thread

    Do NOT put spoilers in the title of your thread. You will risk being banned. We've warned over and over not to put spoilers in the thread title, and I still keep seeing things such as "SO&SO DIES" or "KAIRI HAS A *INSERT SPOILER*" or whatever. DO NOT PUT SPOILERS IN YOUR THREAD TITLE. Bans may...
  12. MegaFlare

    //\\\ Ahem. Read. Everyone Read. Concerning Spoilers !! //\\\/

    There are members on this forum who want to wait until the game comes out in the USA, spoiler free.Why? Because spoilers ruin the moment when you actually DO play the game. There are also some members on this forum who are going to buy the Japanese version of KH2 and read through any...
  13. MegaFlare

    New Thread Test

    New Thread Testing. Characters to fill up post. :)