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  1. KH_Is_Light_999

    Spoilers ► (SPOILERS) Questions About EZ Codes

    Okay, so I beat As such, I decided to start a new game with the new features like , on beginner mode to see if reaching the point I did in will be any more doable for me. However, I have a couple questions that I was hoping someone might be able to answer. I know this new content just released...
  2. KH_Is_Light_999

    I’m super happy for Xbox One owners!

    While I have personally never owned any Xbox consoles, I am super happy for Xbox One owners after yesterday’s news. I have friends who are huge Kingdom Hearts fans, but owned an Xbox One, so it was harder for them to catch up with the story leading up to Kingdom Hearts III. Even though Kingdom...
  3. KH_Is_Light_999

    Why I Love Kingdom Hearts III, Plus a Question About the Re Mind DLC.

    I realize not everyone is a fan of the latest Kingdom Hearts game, and there's nothing wrong with that. I realize that those who express criticism towards Kingdom Hearts III have a right to their own opinions, and I hope their voices can be heard so that today's imperfections can turn into the...
  4. KH_Is_Light_999

    Favorite Moments from Kingdom Hearts III?

    Hi everyone. A couple days ago I did something I feel bad about, and I wanted to apologize for it today while also spreading some more positivity in a better way. A couple days ago, I commented on someone else’s thread in a way that wasn’t very nice of me, and I did so because I let my anger...
  5. KH_Is_Light_999

    I just love how there are more mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts III than the average Mario game.

    It's great how similar Remy's cooking is to the Mario universe. Almost every world you visit has mushrooms growing that you can collect and cook up into delicious foods that give you special bonuses and status effects.
  6. KH_Is_Light_999

    Spreading Positivity for Kingdom Hearts III

    I used to really enjoy coming to this website. I loved coming to an online community that was so passionate and excited about Kingdom Hearts. While I do still come across that positive energy every now and then, it seems like after the release of Kingdom Hearts III, there’s a lot more pessimism...