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  1. okhi12

    ReMind release date for XBox

    We have to wait until Square Enix actually confirms the release dates (January 23 for PS4 and February 25 for XBox One), but the source was the deleted video uploaded by Square Enix, so it's very likely those are true unless they change it. Does anybody else feel bad for XBox players that will...
  2. okhi12

    Plot mistakes in Corona and Arendelle

    After replaying Corona and Arendelle, I had some issues with both worlds due to obvious inconsistencies that I somehow didn't notice before. This post contains spoilers about Corona's plot. We all know that during the lanterns scene, Rapunzel tries to give Flynn's satchel back to him. Moments...
  3. okhi12

    About the dark chains holding Sora and Ventus

    In the final battle trailer we see dark purple chains trapping Sora and Ventus. The chains have the same design of those summoned by the Lingering Will before fighting Terra-Xehanort in BBS. They appeared again in 0.2 when the illusion of Terra tried to stop Xehanort from controlling him. I...