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  1. AleMustDie

    Looking for a new Party (JP)

    I'm looking for a new active Party JP Im in Vulpes at the moment I can raid once per day. At the 23:00 (JP) Level 390 I'm strong enough. For this HSC I can share Axel HD EX with AB XL III, Ventus HD EX with AB XL II 100%, Terra HD EX without Skill and not guilted.
  2. AleMustDie

    Tier 15 Coliseum [JP] September

    I just want to share with you this Video... I recorded one round in Tier 15 Coli (JP) All rounds so far in 1 Turn... but now it's getting hard for me. I need to try a 2 Turns strategy now on. What is your Rank in Coliseum right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqL5TjHUBww&t=2s