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  1. yamibakura

    Who unlocked the TT Mansion gates?

    Up until KH 358/2 days the gates to the masnion were sealed with a keyhole.When sora wakes up during Kh2 the gates were already open.Who unlocked them.Wasnt a keyblade required for that task?
  2. yamibakura

    How were Mickey ,Donald and Goofy sucked into the Datascape?

    how did they get in there?aslo there is that amzing inception scene were mickey looks at the monitor only to see himself looking at the monitor seeing himself ...
  3. yamibakura

    Other Nobodies?

    Could there be humanoid nobodies in worlds like TT or Castle Oblivion that were not recruited in Org 13?human nobodies look like normal ppl so could they have been intergrated in societies?i think its really stupid to think that there are only 13 Human nobodies.or maybe xemnas went through...
  4. yamibakura

    What was the dragon like in the Land of Dragons?

    we only see the heartless version of the guardian dragon .how did xigbar manage to turn a holy , mythical creature into a heartless?
  5. yamibakura

    How come no Nobodies found a heart during the KH explosion?

    It looked as if the hearts passed right through them.Maybe beacuse the heart can only be reunited with its original body.That doesnt explain why the hearts would be come heartlesses upon touching the ground.
  6. yamibakura

    Theory on Ansem and Xemnas

    Its a a big opinion that ansem is really MX.But there are some facts that ticked me of.When reading the xehanort Reports its stated that xehanort casted away his body not his heart meaning that whatever heart he had reamained in tact.apprentice xehanort had 3 hearts:MX,terra and eraqus. Ansem...
  7. yamibakura

    Brown Robe Theory

    why would the Brown robe be crippled?its basically a heart under a coat. I think the reason its crippled is beacuse it represents master xehanort's heart which is the heart of an old man.the cripple has to do with the fact that MX was also slightly crippled and perhaps that characteristic was...
  8. yamibakura

    World Terminous Unamed Area

    what was that room in World terminus that was accessed via a Red flame beam?it looked a lot like a lab from hollow bastion.there was a huge panel with 6 Containers around it.what could their purpose be?where they possibly connected to ansem's apprentices or perhaps the princesses of heart?and if...
  9. yamibakura

    The Sunset Hill Meeting

    when riku ,namine and axel meet at sunset hill are they in the Real twilight town or the virtual one?somebody would have seen them in the Real TT .how did namine escape ansem the wise after the events at the white room?
  10. yamibakura

    Sora's Pod Room

    In kh com riku goes to a memory version of twilight twon and after he defeats riku replica enters the mansion and goes to sora's pod room.sora however entered the same pod room from castle oblivion.roxa's enterd the pod room from virtual twilight town and sora woke up in it in the Real twilight...
  11. yamibakura

    What happpened to Clayton?

    Seriously,steath sneak fell on him and after that he vanished without a trace.Could he have actually die or did he became a heartlless?
  12. yamibakura

    The real Xehanort

    Something that fascinates me in BBS is that Xehanort was so confident about possessing Terra.How did he know it would work?Maybe his heart got lost in the proccess and he died?He was smirking all the time meaning he was 100% sure about it. This led me to belive that the Xehnort in BBS is the...
  13. yamibakura

    Was it all just a dream?

    One of the first things that got my attention from Kingdom Hearts was the intro.In the first lines Sora says something about having a dream and questioning if its real or not.This philosphy is displayed throught the intro movie with emphasis on the "dream" element.However throught the game this...
  14. yamibakura

    What if i told you...

    that KH3 is a lie and SquareEnix is runned by some random internet guys.
  15. yamibakura

    Anime/Manga ► Intresting point in original Yugioh anime

    When duelist kingdom ends yugi asks yami how to call him.Yami replies that throughout the centuries he has been called with several names like pharaoh,yami.Who called him with these names?Wasnt he sealed in the puzzle for 3-5 million years?Could it be just the way yami talks or is there a deeper...
  16. yamibakura

    When will Kingdom Hearts 2 manga be completed?

    I have been reading kh 2 manga for 7 years and it has yet to be finished.Lets complain!
  17. yamibakura

    Riku's Awekening

    Did riku have an awakening like sora or is it a main hero privilege?
  18. yamibakura

    Question about Riku

    when he is fighting sora with keyblade of ppls hearts is he posssesed by ansem or is he only influenced by him?the battle quotes and the way he talks are more riku than ansem(ex "give up yet",whixh he says many times).
  19. yamibakura

    Just why?

    why is there a portrait of xehanort in kh2?it looks so strange.
  20. yamibakura

    Questions about realm of sleep

    i dont get it.why did traverse town fell into sleep?it was perfectly functional and alive in KH.also,how does a wrold fal asleep?yen sid said that it happens when a world is not propelry restored and if one locks the sleeping keyholes the world returns.But in what state?that world in the RoS has...