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    Is It Nomura's Fault: The Problem With Kingdom Hearts

    I find it hard to believe that ANYTHING like this was planned out long in advanced.
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    KH2 Vanilla vs. KH3 Re Mind

    I feel like watching the thousand Heartless war is...really the only thing needed to understand the KH2 story. There's really nothing relevant throughout the entire game except that and the ending. I mean...there's the beginning with Roxas I guess, but in KH2 is a character we BARELY understand...
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    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    Mickey not even THINKING of retrieving Aqua when he had AMPLE time to do so throughout the ENTIRETY of the series is proof of Nomura not thinking things through. WHO WAITS 10 YEARS TO LOOK FOR SOMEONE AND THEN ANOTHER YEAR TO FIND THAT PERSON AND (Keep it secret by the Master's order)
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    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    Even if they were revealed one by one, it would still be a slog BECAUSE THE 'NEW' ORGANIZATION IS LITERALLY THE SAME EXACT PEOPLE -4!
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    It really depends on the direction of the story at this point. (Even if the Disney worlds doesn't have much relevance anymore) I guess I'd be okay seeing Agrabah returning. It all just seems...too early thinking about Disney worlds. I remember having some big list of Disney worlds at the...
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    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    DDD reeled in time travel (A VERY messy tropue) into the mix of this already messy story......so no.
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    The most disappointing thing about Limit Cut

    Because Donald & Goofy are glass to EVERY superboss in each game. Sure Donald Heals. A nice thing he does before he gets one-shotted.
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    Is It Nomura's Fault: The Problem With Kingdom Hearts

    This still baffles me. Of ALL people Xigbar would see Xion as...where the hell did Ven even come from? Like...of it was Sora or Roxas, understandable, but...he sees XION in Ven? I get that she's comprised of Sora's memories, but...it legit doesn't make ANY sense to me.
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    Interesting things in the manga and novels

    and it hurts...I MEAN LOOK AT THIS. Also...I love how the manga gives depth to not only the original & Final Fantasy characters, but the DISNEY characters, too! LIKE LUXORD FIGHTING JIMINY
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    What happens if Roxas takes advantage of time travel and crosses into the past?

    Don't we have enough Time Travelers in this game...? In any case at this point I'm pretty sure Roxas has a heart of his own, so if he were to time travel he'd probably still maintain his body & heart...or play a Sora and use the Power of Waking. Sora has it so odds are he does to. The 'It has...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Or...Dunbroch...because it's the name of the main Kingdom?
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    Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus series is happening! Proof from Insider!

    Please...please stop spreading false hope. You don't understand how much I need a KH series since the storyboard of the scrapped one.
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    Is It Nomura's Fault: The Problem With Kingdom Hearts

    I'm not ignoring Kairi's disgusting treatment throughout the series. I just wanted that one moment. THIS ONE MOMENT to see this disgusting knockoff of Princess Peach do something. EVEN PRINCESS PEACH DOES MORE THAN KAIRI. Playable Kairi as well as Re:Mind was the ONLY opportunity to see Kairi...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    REASONS WHY RIKU SHOULD'VE TRAVELED TO THIS WORLD RATHER THAN SDG! At least Elsa would be talking to someone who as the BARE MINIMUM of understanding her situation! MEANWHILE, SDG DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING OVER THERE. Yes, I still blame Disney and that just angers me the most.
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Is there an echo in this world? These three are like parrots the moment Maleficent mentions the Keyblade.
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    Film ► Pirates of the Caribbean

    ........Whoever's in charge REALLY wants to make a carcass out of this series like Disney trying to make a carcass out of the 'live action' fad. Like...Pirates should've ended on 3. IS A GODDAMN REBOOT NEEDED? Also (I might get hated on this) what's with the trend of female leads, as of late...
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    Does one bother me when people call KH the most complex and poorly written franchise of all?

    All this talk of which game is more convoluted than which. If I can sum it up, KH1 was the most simplistic and easy to swallow of the bunch. You delude yourself if you ACTUALLY think it isn't, at the BARE MINIMUM, easier to swallow than the rest of the games. Sora has one simple goal, to find...
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    The idea of OTHER Key-shaped Weapons?

    So...as I continued to make ideas for a story, I thought up an idea of a Keywand, but then I suddenly had this thought. Why does it have to be only KeyBLADES? I guess because Keystaff, Keyshield, or Keybow doesn't have a good ring to it than Keyblade, but think about the idea of different...
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    Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?

    Coliseums and Sephiroth. It had to be EXACTLY like KH2 but better, so Coliseums and Sephiroth. Overall the Organization's movement as well as Maleficent & Pete's in both games were a goddamn mess. And this is coming from someone who loved Pete's inclusion.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Siblings

    Of all things they decide to connect to this 'distant past' thing...they put this.