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  1. okhi12

    Frozen fortune question

    You'll get it eventually, don't give up. Don't trust the rhythm of the music only, sometimes it is not very well synchronised to the indicators on screen. I got the impression that after many unsuccessful attempts it somehow becomes easier but I don't know if that's actually programmed into the...
  2. okhi12

    SPOILER About entering and going out of the Realm of Darkness

    The way of reaching the realm of darkness is very inconsistent throughout the KH series. There are two canon methods: the most frequent is by opening dark corridors, which can be used by people with dark power, heartless and nobodies; but can also spontaneously appear when a world succumbs to...
  3. okhi12

    SPOILER Does Young Xehanort knows he talked with Robed Figure?

    That's what I think. He knew what his dark road was guided by a dark impetus.
  4. okhi12

    KH2 Vanilla vs. KH3 Re Mind

    Hence why vanilla version lacking such an iconic scene is a con. To me, at least. I'll have to take a look at that reddit thread, I'm curious to know what the defenders of vanilla KH2 say to sustain their affirmations.
  5. okhi12

    KH2 Vanilla vs. KH3 Re Mind

    I can't believe you didn't list ''No cutscene of Xemnas walking down stairs till the end of time'' as a vanilla KH2 con. It was memorable indeeeed and as eternal as nothingness. Jokes aside, I don't think many people here would vote for vanilla KH2. It had Sephiroth as worthy side content but...
  6. okhi12

    New ORG XIII - Death Scenes in the Ending

    My favorite were Ansem and Xemnas. At that moment they hadn't anything left to lose, they dropped their «villain overconfidence» and for the first time they showed their most human and vulnerable side. That made me want them to return again. Becoming good guys would be a stretch, but I'd like to...
  7. okhi12

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road delayed, more info in early June

    Sad to hear. Anyway I'm not interested at all. I'll follow the story but no way I'm playing it if it's a pay to win or time sink like its older brother.
  8. okhi12

    Would KH3 be better if they included DDD's story in it? (multiple choice)

    You don't fix a mess by adding a bigger mess. That said, I love both games. But the execution of the story was rather bad in KH3 and DDD was even worse.
  9. okhi12

    Why does nobody talk about how 0.2 was better than KH3?

    Tbh when I read the title I thought I was going to strongly disagree but after reading those reasons I mostly agree with them. The level design, puzzles, challenges and the portrayal of Aqua and Terra were much better in 0.2 than in KH3. The gameplay was very limited but fun anyway for a very...
  10. okhi12

    SPOILER Why was Braig with a ... at this moment?

    Well, it is not known how much Braig knew about Xehanort's plan. Well, he knew a lot more than he would let on because he was Luxu, but I mean how much Xehanort tod him. My guess is, as Braig was pretending to be a fool who wanted a keyblade, they made a deal: Braig would agree becoming a...
  11. okhi12

    SPOILER Why was Braig with a ... at this moment?

    Remember the Hidden truths scene that's part of the secret ending of BBS? Terra and Xehanort have a conversation discussing who is in control of Terra's heart. The last thing Xehanort says is that Terra is just one of the many roads that he might choose to take. Basically, Xehanort was talking...
  12. okhi12

    What happens if Roxas takes advantage of time travel and crosses into the past?

    If there's no sea-salt it's no fairy tale at all. Not for Roxas. His worst nightmare. All the dark Chirithies would haunt him.
  13. okhi12

    What happens if Roxas takes advantage of time travel and crosses into the past?

    Yes, a version of himself would have to exist at the destination. I wonder if Sora and Ventus count as a version of him... If Ventus does, Roxas could potentially reach the age of fairy tales, lol. But he's his own person now. Most likely he would only be able to return to the time he existed...
  14. okhi12

    Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus series is happening! Proof from Insider!

    I remember that, lol. Seemed absolutely (not) legit.
  15. okhi12

    Editorial ► Rumors of a Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus series are greatly exaggerated

    Ok, that's understandable. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they give you a break. I'm not much into social media because I get annoyed very easily anytime I feel overwhelmed.
  16. okhi12

    Editorial ► Rumors of a Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus series are greatly exaggerated

    A staff member closes the other thread about the hypothetical Disney+ series because the source is unreliable, thus implying it's not worth discussing it any further. Another staff member opens another topic in the news section inviting us to share our thoughts. I'll quote Yozora: "None of...
  17. okhi12

    Unreal Engine and KH

    UE4 has already been confirmed to be forward compatible with UE5, don't worry. Minor compatibility issues are always a possibility but migrating their assets to UE5 shouldn't be too complicated. I remember a few weeks ago I read a rumor on reddit about upcoming Square Enix AAA titles that are...
  18. okhi12

    Missing Puppies

    You're welcome!
  19. okhi12

    Is Darkling a heartless or new kind of dark creature?

    I hadn't seen it that way but you have a point. Shadow Sora was non-aggressive and acted way different than any other random shadow who just attack on first sight. He did not speak, but it would have been impossible... shadows don't have a mouth. I always found Sora's data heartless very...
  20. okhi12

    Is Darkling a heartless or new kind of dark creature?

    To be honest I forgot about Sora's heartless. I think he didn't retain his mind at all, as a shadow he was instinctively drawn to Kairi but that's pretty much it. Sora himself mentioned that he felt lost, falling into darkness and forgetting his friends. Unless you mean Sora after Kairi restored...