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  1. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► So, who likes Radiohead?

    I know this may seem arbitrary and spontaneous but, I feel like I need to put it out there. I LOVE Radiohead. Radiohead is like the Picasso of the Music Industry. Their music is so great, with different tones and sounds, and a lot of thematic and figurative elements incorporated into said music...
  2. KingdomSlayer2

    Really bad Kingdom Hearts puns 2

    You know the drill, make the worst and corny puns you can come up with. Ex: I call my telescope a Star Seeker!
  3. KingdomSlayer2

    What system are you going to be playing World of Final Fantasy on?

    I'll be playing it on my PlayStation TV (PS Vita TV) because I really want to get it at a lower price and I'm sure it will look just fine on it. Don't care much about the graphical quality, though.
  4. KingdomSlayer2

    The issue with Street Fighter V

    I am so hyped about getting this game. I really want to get good. But there were some responses from critics and users that left me with a sense of dismay. If you were to check Metacritic for the user scores, you would see that the PC and PS4 versions had received the user scores of 3.7 and 3.0...
  5. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► Have you guys listened to any new bands,duos,etc.

    We can always be introduced to new people in the music industry, whether new or old. Like me, for example, I started to listen to Justice yesterday with their album,+, and it already blew my expectations. So what about you guys?
  6. KingdomSlayer2

    Does anyone here actually play fighting games?

    I just hope there are people here who are good at fighting games. I started getting into them around last year and I've played a lot of significant titles like Street Fighter IV. Right now, I'm playing Under Night In Birth and I'm trying to get good with Gordeau.
  7. KingdomSlayer2

    How do you think other people in the forums perceive you?

    I not sure if it's okay to do this but, I'm gonna go at it. Here's my thought: I think that other people perceive me as someone whose completely annoying and probably find me to be completely stupid. In Spock's case: a complete biased and racist person who pertains to a huge sense of ignorance...
  8. KingdomSlayer2

    Do you think that KH3 should use the same ability system found in BBS and DDD?

    The use of abilities in the those 2 games made them very essential for character growth. I'm not sure why they decided to go down that path but hey, I can't really complain. This kind of structure for the ability system for me seems poorly executed. BBS's abilities can be quite tedious to gain...
  9. KingdomSlayer2

    Has anyone beat Sans yet?

  10. KingdomSlayer2

    Who thinks PS NOW should go away?

    I don't want to sound like some douche on the internet who constantly rants about things but, do you really believe that Playstation Now is something we need? I understand that it gives the option to play select games, but the library might not always appeal to anyone. If this is the main...
  11. KingdomSlayer2

    I don't want to lose a friend.

    Something happened to me in the forums a while ago. I was talking to a certain person discussing something that we had different sides on. I didn't comply with one thing that this person seemed to be defendant about. I made a comment that really offended this person and I felt really bad for it...
  12. KingdomSlayer2


    Another successful year for the world and for KH Insider Forums!!!! As a special treat, I will establish a game. All you have to do is give a New Years resolution for both the forums and your personal life. I'll start: For my personal resolution, I vow to go full vegetarian, as my health seems...
  13. KingdomSlayer2

    Is it easy to 100% complete KH3D?

    Since I already got my PS4 and planning to get 2.8, I was wondering if anyone here actually beat 3D and complete in it's entirety. Is it easy to do, though?
  14. KingdomSlayer2

    Scenario Building RPG

    I'll try to make this basic: There are 3 classes: -Fighter -Mage -Swordsman -The fighter mostly pertains to strength and defensive oriented stats -The Mage uses magic, which contributes to the magic stat, magic resistance stats, but very little strength and average defense -The swordsman is...
  15. KingdomSlayer2

    How do I get awards based on my actions on the forums?

    It's seems to be beyond my knowledge. Could someone tell me how?
  16. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► Does anyone here like Gorillaz?

    I recently started listening to their music about a month ago, and I got to say, the way they make their music makes them really unique. The fact that they blend other genres is what really makes that exclusivity so vibrant. I tried to avoid the songs that rap, though.......please don't kill me.
  17. KingdomSlayer2

    What did everyone get for Christmas?

    I hope it was something good. I finally got my PS4.....but I have no games yet.
  18. KingdomSlayer2

    How you guys feel about a ranking system on the forums?

    I think it is a good idea. Like, place each individual member in ranks D through S in terms of number of posts.Or is that whole Bronze, Silver, Gold suppose to act as that?
  19. KingdomSlayer2

    The Return of Kojima Productions

    As you may or may not know, there was a video released from PlayStation stating that Kojima is now in affiliation with them and that Kojima Productions has now returned as an independent studios. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  20. KingdomSlayer2

    Music ► I hate Rap and Hip Hop!

    I just think it's the worst types of music that have been created in the history of man. It doesn't sound good. Lyrics are crappy. And overall, the quality and essentials are just s**t. I just wanna put that out there...