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  1. Tartarus

    Fighting the Gummi superbosses for Orichalcum+ help

    I didn't want to make a whole thread for this, but if there's a specific Gummi or gameplay thread to post questions in, I couldn't find it. Searching online didn't answer my questions and I thought maybe someone here might be able to help. 1. How to get Angular/G-01 and Angular/G-06? I have...
  2. Tartarus

    Favorite World Icons

    I suppose this topic would go here instead of the KH3 section? If I'm wrong, a moderator can move this there. :) Anyway, one of the little things I love about the KH series are the world icons--even if they're a mixed bag. I was interested in what everyone's favorites are? Here's my list: 1...
  3. Tartarus

    What will happen with theme songs post-KH3?

    So, let's talk about something important for a change: what do you think will happen with theme songs for the series post-KH3? 1. Do you think Utada will return? On one hand, she seemed pretty enthusiastic about KH3, even giving us 2 songs this time. But in a way I can believe that is her...
  4. Tartarus

    How would you rank the games?

    My ranking right now is: 1. KH1 2. KH3 3. CoM 4. 3D 5. KH2 6. re:Coded 7. Days 8. BbS The first four games are my favorites because they represent what I love about this series. SDG interactions, heavy focus on Riku, command menu. The first three games have the best dialogue in the series. 1...
  5. Tartarus

    Any characters you like more/less now?

    So, what the title asks: any characters in the series you like more now--or less--after playing KH3? For me, of course some of the characters I already liked I like even more now (Sora, Even, Larxene, Marluxia, Isa), but there were other characters I never cared much about that I came to enjoy...
  6. Tartarus

    Affinity MAX Question

    I’m currently trying to max out all my DEs’ affinities and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on ways that could go faster? I'm guessing not, but that long trek from 7 to 9 is unbearable…. I usually do the candy game because it's not as annoying as balloons and gives me the same amount...
  7. Tartarus

    2017 French Election

    French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked | Reuters 2 days before French election to take place, Macron has been under a massive hack—with doctored and falsified documents dumped alongside real documents to...
  8. Tartarus

    Why was Maleficent's council looking for Keyholes?

    This may be a dumb question with a simple answer, but during my 1,000th re-play of KH1 (inspired by Blackdrazon's KH retrospective) I couldn't help wondering: why was Maleficent's group looking for the Keyholes? After Deep Jungle, Jafar worries about Sora having found one of them, and wastes a...
  9. Tartarus

    Do you plan to jump ship after KH3?

    I've noticed several comments from members saying they would most likely jump ship after the end of the current saga. I was just wondering what most fans' thoughts on this are? Do you plan to keep with the series after KH3 or not? Why or why not? I personally plan to keep with the series as...
  10. Tartarus

    Enemy Cards in Riku's Story

    I hate making a thread for this, but I was re-playing CoM the past few days and I was wondering if anybody knows what random Heartless give enemy cards in Riku's Story? I noticed in Sora's Story that Dark Ball didn't have a space for a card in the journal, so I wanted to save myself from wasting...