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    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe?

    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe? I dunno if any has posted this already (I have checked around as much as possible), but according to the GAME and Gamestation websites, Re: Coded is scheduled for a February 2011 release in the UK (and possibly Europe as a whole). Kingdom Hearts Re:coded...
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    Sora's in-game sound clips?

    Is there any place where I can download a sound file containing all of Soras in-game battle quotes? ("Hah!!" "Back off" "This is it!!" "Give me strength!!" etc.) And I mean actual soundclips ripped straight from the games programming (instead of of just being taken from gameplay videos and such).
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    BbS Mod reveals scrapped world...

    It was only a matter of time before BbS would get hacked; and upon doing so, an unused Disney world has been discovered hidden away in the games programming. Which world is it you ask? Well, waaaaaaay back during the developement of KH1, remember when Nomura said that one of the Disney worlds...
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    Shark Robot jumps on KH merch bandwagon

    It seems Hot Topic are not the only ones getting in on the KH fandom. Another company called Shark Robot have released three KH t-shirts. There not really "spectucular" but still worth a look overall. Heartless Symbol t-shirt Nobody Symbol t-shirt And there's even an... Unversed Symbol...
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    New Days novel cover and more Hot Topic stuff

    I dunno if this has been posted yet, (I've already checked as much as I could) but for those who are interested, the cover for the 3rd Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days novel has been revealed The novel will be released on May 28th 2010. As well as this, Hot Topic have released yet another bunch of...
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    Things about Vanitas never explained...(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! So, it turned out that Vanitas had connections to Sora; they share the same voice, and he had Soras face under his helmet, with black hair and yellow eyes and the reason for...
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    No Ultimania?

    The Japanese release of BbS is so close, yet it's only just occured to me, there has so far been no announcemnt of a BbS Ultimania. Usually, it's released along side the game when it's released (That's what they did with the Japanese release of Days) but I've heard nothing so far. Square have...
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    Eraqus and MX took part in the Keyblade War?

    It just came to my mind; there are a couple of moments in the game where Eraqus and Master Xehanort discuss the keyblade war, and it made me think maybe these two are actually one of the many keyblade weilders who battled in the KBW. It wouldn't be that much of a suprise, as they are both...
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    Magazine ad

    Not really anything special, just thought I'd bring this to everyones attention. First reported by KH-Vids
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    Even more HQ BbS screenshots.

    I can't remember if these have already been posted on the site, so if they have, please disregard this, and restrain yourslef from biting my head off, mkay?
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    No preorder bonuses for UK?

    The UK release of Days is literally a week from today, as of yet, nothing has been said on if we'll be getting any of the preorder bonuses. Heck, it seems none of the game shops in the UK are making that much of a deal of the UK release. Sure it's still listed on the GAME website as October 9th...
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    Just something interesting I found...

    We've already fully established the fact that Marvel in KH is never going to happen in a million years, but somebody put together this computer generated image showing what it would look like if it happened... It isn't really relivant to anything, I just thought it would be interesting to...
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    Wayne Allwine tribute in Days

    I suppose this isn't really a spoiler, as it's nothing to do with the storyline of the game, but YouTube user Dchuich has played, completed, and posted the English version of 358/2 Days on YT (He completes it a day before it's even supposed to be released, cool huh?). Anyway, I just felt like...
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    "Suspected" PoH's?

    Okay, first, a little recap from KH1; In Neverland, Captain Hook captured Wendy, becasue Maleficent suspected her of being the last Princess of Heart. This was eventually confirmed by Riku to be false. Now, in BbS, this is when they are looking for the PoH's. So I thought maybe, there could be...
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    Live action remake of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"?

    ohnotheydidnt: Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" to become live-action musical movie? Okay... Discuss...?
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    The simplest explination I can think of...

    This is relating to the ever lasting question of the aging of Disney characters in the 10 year period of BbS-KH1, and why Cindarella, Snow White, etc. don't look any older in KH1. Here it is... Do you think it's possible that time passes differently in different worlds? Think about it, maybe...
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    If there WERE a 358/2 Days Final Mix...(WARNING: RISK OF SPOILERS)

    Okay, lately, people have been talking about the possibility of a Final Mix for 358/2 Days. There have been opinions for and against the idea (Particularly the fact that Square most likely wouldn't make a re-release of a handheld title). There have been TWO statements from Numora himself on the...
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    First Coded footage!!

    Okay, first off, sorry if somebodys already found this. The YouTube user "DChiuch" has posted some walkthroughs of the first KH Coded episode!! It's not very good quality unfortunately (Mainly in the sound department), but it's still easy to watch. So anyway, enjoy!! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts...
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    This popular on another forum I'm on, so why not. Basically, you just post something funny. If you laugh at it, you don't really "lose" you can play as much as you want. close if this seems pointless. I'm just experimenting, so please be nice <=] YouTube - Wild Michael Jackson Appeared! No...
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    WHAT am I...?

    Heh, asking a load of total strangers on a forum about personal issues, yeah, thats a smart move XD Onto the main subject. Lately, I'v been really confused about my sexuality (Putting it bluntly). I'v been thinking alot about it, and it comes down to these 2 answers. I'm either: Gay Asexual...