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    Whodunnit!?! [OOC & Sign-Up]

    I was taking a little gander through some old threads I made and came across this one ...and suddenly thought to myself, "Good God, I write like a comatose llama." After a few quiet minutes of sulking and eating chocolate bars, I realized that the fundamental concept behind it didn't seem that...
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    Oh, bugger it: who wants a fight?

    Although I admit that little rant of mine from a few weeks ago was quite fun to write, it probably wasn’t the most mature way to end my relationship with this place. So, for the hell of it, I’ll challenge anyone who’s up for it to one last battle. As far as the rules go, I have only two I would...
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    I Hate It Here.

    Kudos if you get the fairly unsubtle title reference. Anyway, this is a little response to that 'How to Write a Successful Roleplay' sticky (well, the first part is). Whether it's nothing more than a pisstake or how I really feel about this place, even I'm not sure. Take it how you will, I...
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    Jean de Metz vs. ???

    Since the Black Legion has sunk back into the pus-spewing, soul-burning depths from whence it came, I figured I'd throw out a random challenge. It'll be straight-up melee, with the choice of weapon being up to my challenger. I'll do the location when I get an opponent. Here's a link to Jean's...
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    Umm, y'know...

    Someone, anyone (except you, you worthless pissant. Yeah, you), get the bloody hell in the chatroom. NOW! Or the chance for hawt seckz vanishes from your feeble, petty excuse of a life forever. lulz, 4rl, bt nt rly, jk, bt nt rly. o rly? nt rly. ...NOW! EDITS: You took too long. The chance...
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    I was visiting a friend's forum recently; a video game-oriented website he's visited for longer than I've ever been here. Although this website (which I don't feel like naming. It adds the spice of mystery, or something like that) does not have anything that would even nearly resemble an RP...
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    An-Kooooooo-Kuuuuuuuuuu... :D

    We shall duel, both you and I; Draw your blade and show your stuff. But under earth or beyond the sky, you should know that you are- ... :D Well then, off we go. [EDIT] As Ankoku has requested I use a different character, I shall. However, I'm in no mood whatsoever to work myself around...
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    [Melee] Tournament Final Round ~ LS vs MoTo

    MasterofTerraOblivion - [Ko'Gashi] Laughing Stock - [Decius] ~ Last round in that 'truly epic' melee tourney thing. Ah, well. What it lacked in the other two rounds this, perhaps, will make up for. Eh, but I digress. Whenever yer ready, Moto.
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    The Wheel of Time Turns Once More...

    Tribute to Robert Jordan, Memorial | Lasting tribute Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time novels, has left us. As far as I am concerned, he was one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time, and will be sorely missed.
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    It's Only a Title, Who Cares? - LS vs. Killswitch

    Ahh… it appears young Kill has been getting a bit of a… ohh, how you say… supercilious reputation as of late. In fact, it seems a few RPing elements – of course, I won’t name names - have branded him an arrogant little prick who got lucky, and are obstinately refusing to think otherwise. Well…...
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    The Unfinished Tale of the Incomplete Pilgrim – Open Challenge

    It has been… so long… He gazed upon the chaotic ruin of worn rock and splintered wood. His vacant eyes - once a brilliant white that sparkled with the intensity of a thousand suns, were now tainted to the dull silver of a sombre rain cloud - probed the demolished city for any trace of life from...