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  1. JulyUmani13

    So there's this button on Unchained's teaser trailer...

    It's leads to page on PC Chi that has the option of 3 different ID set ups, one being Yahoo! JP, and the others some other stuff. Just wondering if this is some sort of special promotion page or just another page to sign up for KHX. PS: meant to say website, not trailer. XP
  2. JulyUmani13

    Discussion regarding Parties and the Server System

    Alright, so the Famitsu interview showed that Nomura and Pals were working on the ways different people can connect to different international servers. While this sounds great, ya know cause you can play with your JPN buds or something, what makes me worried is how this will affect with your...
  3. JulyUmani13

    Do you find it good to kill early Raid Bosses?

    I don't mean by level standards, I mean that I feel kinda greedy for getting up early and Solo-ing every single one. My team's already up at 5,000+ and the other is at 42 LUX. Like, jeez, maybe I should calm down...:confused:
  4. JulyUmani13

    Quick Question about LUX...

    How do most of you get a lot of it? The most I can get is around 20,000 or so, and then I see others with like, 15,000,000! Is there some type of secret heartless, or do you just keep grinding for it?