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    I'm back - and just in time for the New Year!

    -insert excited waving here- Hi everyone - I'm back! =^-^= I'm not sure if anyone actually remembers me seeing as how I never really posted a lot before but...at any rate I'm back and planning on being a bit more active this time around. Oh, yeah. It's not New Year here yet but -cough-...
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    The Age Old Problem: Parents and Video Games

    ‘Ello everyone, I’ve got a bit of a problem on my hands. I’m a sixteen year old girl who is going to be a junior next year and ever since I was twelve I’ve always wanted to design video games and stuff like that. I am highly evolved in my school’s clubs and activates and am constantly away on...
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    Question about KH3

    I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I've been wondering about this for the past week. Does anyone besides me get Game Informer? Because I got mine a week ago and it said that the Gameplay of Final Fatasy Versus XIII would be handled by Normura's Kingdom Hearts staff! What does that...
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    Hiya, I'm new!

    Hello everyone let me introduce myself! I have a couple of nicky names (Which I guess you can tell from my sig...) but you can call me whatever you want to! I am really, really obsessed with all the Kingdom Hearts games even though I don't have the game yet! *grumbles* I have a lot of other...