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    Music ► Last Dinosaurs

    Some local talent that's received a bit of exposure on Australian radio in the past month or two. Just felt like sharing. Probably their most successful track: EqGs36oPpLQ And some others I like: vSivtCWBk9g VxO81JHwhEE
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    Film ► Drive

    Well it's out on bluray now over here, and I never had a chance to see it in cinema. How did people feel about the movie?
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    The Augur of Wentrind

    There. Finally .
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    videos in signatures

    I don't think I'm doing it right. Ln_oLzbXT-c& See? Also can I have 180x180px avatar? I'll give you mad wristies
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    Cunt is not a bad word.

    Don't you know I would never say the word "fuck"! I would never fucking ever fucking say that! Ever!
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    really, khi?

    this is supposed to be family environment and i see this user cp, frankly i expected better of you
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    Ghosts of the 21st Century

    The year 2060. Things have progressed roughly on track. Kinesthetic batteries that consume power a thousand times more efficiently than before. Nanotechnological advancements that have lead to clothes that never get wet, artificial immune systems and an interesting sheet of paper known as the...
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    Sites like this?

    triple j Unearthed - free music | new Australian music | independent music I like to sift through local aspiring musicians when I'm bored. You guys know any sites like this for other countries?
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    The idea that will change the Roleplaying Section.

    Nah just gammin .
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    punching in a dream

    name Cliff Haywood sex Male age 20 physical description Light brown wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Navy-blue cardigan. White, long-sleeve collared shirt. Grey, slim-cut slacks. Off-white loafers. psychological profile Expressing a desire to shake up the world for the subjective good, Haywood's...
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    Juice: First Arc

    Welcome to Juice. This rp will run loosely on an objective system. Check the front page from time to time for an update on objectives. It's up to you how to complete your objective, and sometimes your character will be confronted by a scenario. During the scenario you will be given several...
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    J u i c e

    J U I C E "I-it's vibrations! Wavelengths! On a quantum scale... they, they affect everything, they explain how the Juice exists!" Year 2196 Earth's united efforts to abate the impending resource crisis has lead mankind beyond the reach of their own solar system in search of mineral rich...
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    Grand Cross

    - 1 v 1 - mild powers - location: Burj Khalifa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    So I Like Rainbows

    and I happen to be in love with my best friend but I sincerely wish I wasn't because he's like a brother to me and I told him because I'm pretty courage like that and felt he deserved to know and now we barely talk but it's mainly me keeping my distance because I feel he's only trying to be nice...
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    Violence VS Sex

    The actual thread. Which would you prefer: - A life of endless sex - A life of endless killing - A life of endless sex killing * you kill everything sex-related - A life of endless killing sex * this sex kills people, maybe even you - A life of endlessly killing after sex * kill...
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    Here's a little bonus room

    because I know you've had it tough. zNEqk8DXRQk
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    Is this site legit?

    EZLaptop.com It seems too simple. Sure it's probably lazy of me, and I could buy a macbook with money, but if it means I could save that money while reading some newsletters on the side for a laptop, then I'd be willing to give it a go.
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    If you were a serial killer...

    Who would you target? And how would you go about it? Just for fun, guys. Come on, we've all thought about it at least once. Uh... me? Well I'm not exactly sure who I'd target, but I'd have a greenhouse right, way out of town on a property, with a big shed adjacent. In this shed the victim...
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    I'm pretty close-mindfully into this band. They broke up awhile go but. Eh, don't really feel like posting links atm... youtube or something. Been around awhile now.
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    When I get bored I'll write things in this thread. 1.