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    Cura Glitch in Neverland

    Hey I was wondering if anyone else experienced this, I am playing on Final Mix mode or whatever the hardest difficulty mode is called. I made it to Neverland and beat Shadow Sora but then I lost the first fight with hook. I noticed whenever I healed my cure spell seemed normal, I checked the...
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    More things lol

    The shore Ansem and Aqua are at, someone told me thats the dark side of the Destiny Island beach... so, like the realm of darkness side i mean. True? Do you think Yensid, Eraqus and M. Xehanort were trained under the same master or at least were "friends" or just plain acquaintances for years...
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    Getting more health

    for Ven I got I got only 95 hp, but I see others with awhoooole lot more o.o Im level 47 >.<
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    Is it me or is the melding even with the guide annoying and confusing? Or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong guides, I'm having trouble wondering how to get certain melding things to meld to get the final Meld. Also...uh, abilities...I cant seem to get any o.o
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    Platforming in BBS

    Yeah, Who else here thinks that the platforming in bbs was GREAT, even though it there wasnt thaaat much there was still a good amount. It would seem re:coded is going to have even more, I mightve posted this in the wrong section now since I mentioned re:coded but eh. What do you guys think?
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    The Themes of Kingdom Hearts

    What were the themes of each game so far? I think the first was friendship but eh, I just wanna be sure with these.
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    I don't Get it

    EDIT: Disregard this xD I found out the first thing was actually Xehanorts Letter, not Report lol I found it though I guess this is the right section since I technically beat the game but eh, I beat all the characters stories on proud mode each and yet...there is no final episode seen. I have...
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    The merging and taking refuge

    I had a question, its probably been discussed but I haven't seen it. Is Sora the way he looks because of Ven taking refuge in his heart at Sora's birth. This crossed my mind since Vanitas looks just like Sora, I mean it just seems like thats the reason. So if thats the case, then Roxas had Vens...
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    I remember Eraqus saying to TAV that Yensid was a wielder, but not anymore. What do you think his keyblade looked like? Something resembling Mickeys, Star Seeker? Or was that Yensids keyblade...this would make sense since Mickey know uses the golden keyblade. I forget what its called. Correct...
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    Something I Don't Get

    Okay sO I get the beginning with Ventus talking someone on the awakening station(I forget the real name) Which is obviously Sora's heart I thought, and at the end of the story he dissappears into it. I mean merges, whatever. But what was with Xehanort and Ven on destiny islands? I remember...
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    Am I missing something?

    Im about level 12 at Disney Town, playing as Ven. Im busting out combos and im literally peeling away there health...is he suppose to be this weak or am i missing something?
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    What Bosses did you get stuck on?

    I started out with Ven, I'm like level 10 right now. First boss I struggled with was Vanitas, I keep falling to his disappearing slash move xD. Now I'm sorta stuck on the Boss in Radiant Garden, but I'm actually about to go and retry now.
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    This was Weird yet Cool

    You guys notice, if you Pre-Ordered just the Game you get decals for both black and silver psp. But if you Pre-Order the Bundle you get the game, mystic psp, and some other stuff. Sadly I wanted the decals more so I just pre ordered the game, but man I thought that was cool of them to give...
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    My BBS Story, A Win Lose : O

    So I Pre-ordered BBS and got it the day it was released, I got in sometime in the afternoon. Due to some problems though I ended up not having money for the psp the same day, so bout a week later or less I get a silver psp, I didn't know Id have the chance to get it that day so I didnt bring my...
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    Howling Bear's Gallery

    My original Character, originally a kh fanfic character but now used for other stories of mine. Zephayr, real name Jeksys: Reikel, Original character. Another one who was to be a main character in my kingdom hearts fan fic but now is a main character in my other stories: Reikels Keyblade...
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    Shattered Ties "Forgetting is an Illusion"

    This story goes on before, during and after Sora's first journey in the kingdom hearts series. It follows multiple stories of over 16 new original characters who stories mostly come connected together as the story goes on. They connect with familiar disney and final fantasy characters as well as...
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    Shattered Ties "Forgetting is an Illusion"

    This story goes on before, during and after the original kingdom hearts story. It follows the story of 16 new original characters who mostly come together as the story goes on. They connect with familiar disney and final fantasy characters as well as Sora, Riku and Kairi. Those three are part of...
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    Shattered Ties

    The Story Takes place after KH 1. Prologue: The point of Intrigue, something our curiosity drives us to discover. The Connection we all have, is TiEd together. A bond so strong that even if broken or SHaTteRed it could never be lost, it could only be restored. The light is closer to us than...
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    It's Awkward for me.

    Well, It started with some dumb mistakes, because of a friend tempting me. I sell my Ds, for the Ipod touch. No money, but then when I want to start saving from Ds again, a new ds is soon to come out. The Dsi, its on the khinsider main page. Now we have that coming out, I really just want ds...
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    Nick's monsters/ superhumans and alot of other stuff

    This one is a Virus, an original monster species I created long ago. Its just the head of course, I have yet to think what the body will look like. This one is another Dylan drawing, Ive redone him hundreds of times. My coloring I know isnt too good but I tried. He is also a Virus but a...