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  1. Sadie808

    Favorite line in Birth By Sleep?

    So does anybody have a line they like from any cutscenes? Haha mines would have be that line terra said to eraqus "I don`t care if you`re a master I will use this power to protect my friend!" but i still think the jump festa 08 version was more epic XD
  2. Sadie808

    Delicious Tower Keyblade

    Did anybody synthesized all the ice-creams yet? My friend told me its a keyblade that has a Atk 6, Magic 4 and critical in every hits Those unverse that gives prizes sometimes gives the ice-cream ingredients to make it..too bad these guys dont appear that much later on in the game This is...
  3. Sadie808


    Mods Plz Locked this thread I found my answer on where to find Terra`s Ultima Cannon For anybody Trying to find His Ultima Cannon You have to beat the Iron Prisoner IV on Arena Level 20 & you will get these shootlocks Ultima Cannon for Terra. Multi-Vortex for Ven...