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  1. Lnds500

    KH 3D HD has no downsampling. Let's change that.

    VG Tech: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD PS4 vs PS4 Pro Frame Rate Test So basically if you have a PS4 Pro and you don't have a 4K TV, you don't get a better looking game, although you could be getting a much crisper-looking image. For unknown reasons, a lot of devs are doing this...
  2. Lnds500

    (RUMOUR) Kingdom Hearts III to release Holidays 2017

    There is a supposed leak from an "insider" about the Nintendo Switch. It mentions a ton of info which may or may not be true. Specifically for Square Enix support I'd say it worth paying attention to this. The FF anniversary event is just around the corner, if the Dissidia Versus title is...
  3. Lnds500

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? It's not a Disney property (thankfully). Disney only has distribution rights for (most) Ghibli films. Strangely, I think Ghibli worlds would work much better than Pixar and fucking Star Wars/Marvel. Kiki and Totoro would...
  4. Lnds500

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? LOLOLOL Castle Oblivion + PS4 = EPIC WIN!
  5. Lnds500

    Square Enix shifting to mobile (SE Japan) and online (SE Europe) games

    Square Enix's new plan: Eidos = online games; Japan = smartphone games
  6. Lnds500

    Square Enix's booth at TGS

  7. Lnds500

    Email notifications

    I'm having problems with the forum and the email notifications. I can't receive any and it's really frustrating. My email address is correct, my settings are set to auto-subscribe and I don't think I've block the khinsider email address (which is what by the way?). Anyone?
  8. Lnds500

    Magic in Kingdom Hearts Series

    i was thinking if the use of magic comes from the person or from the keyblade... aqua casted protega (?) with her hand,without holding the keyblade. sora is casting his spells using the keyblade but,in the case of hollow bastion,he used the wooden sword. any thoughts?? P.S. i know other...
  9. Lnds500

    Masturbation is not a sin (with proof!)..

    masturbating is not a sin.the sin is when man lets his sperm fall down to the ground.if it does not hit the ground then it's ok.if it does,it is considered as a waste,you "destroy human life". in an episode of the tudors,henry was masturbating over a servant holding a towel.that's the...
  10. Lnds500

    I have a problem!A really big one!

    My dad got promoted and he moved to Belgium (i'm from Greece) for a couple of years.the problem is,he found out that i could continue my studies there until i graduate (that is in 2 years) and continue the college back here.my parents are divorced,i have a sister and 2 best pals of whom i'm...
  11. Lnds500

    Xio can't be Sora's mother!!

    maybe Riku-Keyblade's theory sounds a good one,but we're missing some really important facts! 1)after the end of KH1, destiny's island has been restored to its originall state.we saw tidus,wakka and selphie running at the beach at the ending credits of the title. 2)i thought "family is not an...
  12. Lnds500

    coded on PSP!!

    i recently (3 minutes earlier,that is..) came across an announcement which states that "Final Fantasy Agito XIII -- will be released on the PSP as well." (SOURCE: Parasite Eve 3, FF Agito XIII PSP Bound do you think that there is a chance that coded will be released on the PSP too??
  13. Lnds500

    Heartless existed in BBS!!!

    Can someone explain why there are not supposed to exist Heartless in BBS?? They existed in Timeless River, did't they?? That's before BBS for sure. Mickey did not have his keyblade,Goofy said they were in the past...and the whole world was black & white!!!!!What's your opinion??:confused:
  14. Lnds500

    Did Nomura trick us??

    Searching the threads, I found out one which stated that the person who was talking to Xemnas at the beginning of KH2 (in the realm of darkness) was not Roxas in his time in the Organisation, but someone else (Ven maybe) and that's because he was wearing boots and in the battle with Riku, Roxas...
  15. Lnds500

    Why Kingdom Hearts is blue??

    In Sunsen Horizons,when the battle between Terra+Ven+Aqua and Master Xehanort+Dark Soldier took place,MS summoned Kingom Hearts.It's the same shape as in KH2 but it's blue!Why is that?
  16. Lnds500

    Terra's keyblade is data-made!!!

    In the "Leaked: KH: Birth by Sleep (PSP) Trailer!" you can clearly see that Terra's Keyblade comes out of thin air like Roxas' Keyblade when he was in the data-based Twilight Town.It's like it's data-made.Mickey's Keyblade though, is summoned normally into his hand!Opinions please...
  17. Lnds500

    Sunset Horizons

    from the leaked trailer in youtube (YouTube - KH Birth By Sleep unseen footage recorded in Tokyo.) i created a theory.i don't know why,but i think that Master Xehanort trapped Terra,Ven and Aqua in Sunset Horizons so that he could (somehow) open Kingdom Hearts.watch the trailer and notice...
  18. Lnds500

    Do Nobodies and Heartless age?

    the title says it all.do nobodies and hearless age???
  19. Lnds500

    Princesses of Heart Nobodies in upcoming KingdomHearts games.

    I've been thinkin' that Kairi lost her heart at KH1.but the rest of the Princesses of Heart did not.At least,they had their hearts when Maleficent opened the Final Keyhole.Maybe they lost them when Riku created the Dark Keyblade.Remember when Sora stubbed himself?The Dark Keyblade vanished and...
  20. Lnds500

    Will Ven,Terra and Aqua lose the battle?

    I was wondering if the three of them end up like in the final mix video. maybe they lose to master xehanort and his apprentice.maybe someone (Aqua?) will die and the rest (Terra,Ven) will fall back,leaving the fighting to Sora,Riku and Kairi.and what if they did not kill master xehanort but just...