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  1. wwinterj

    Next game in the series…

    DDD 2 seems likely as others have said. I hope that it's only all major platforms at that time. I wouldn't rule out being Switch only though.
  2. wwinterj

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    This is looking great. However I'll wait for the inevitable Final Mix version of KH 3 where all content will be on disc.
  3. wwinterj

    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    Bingo. Again this guy who "leaks" the game is proven wrong.
  4. wwinterj

    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    Highly unlikely to be true but some neat ideas if nothing more.
  5. wwinterj

    Screenshot of new area in Olympus shown in Extended Demo at Kaaboo Festival

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot of Olympus Leaked from KAABOO Festival Nothing I'd consider a spoiler here. Still the game is looking really good as this screen proves even more. I'm at the point where I don't want to see anymore of the announced Disney worlds though.
  6. wwinterj

    RUMOR: More Monsters Inc. screenshots from KINGDOM HEARTS 3?

    Seems legit to me and the list of worlds seems legit too although probably incomplete given the fact this information was taken from 2015 apparently and won't be everything. I'm still hoping for a Jungle Book world.
  7. wwinterj

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I'd assume this has already been said in this topic but I'd love to see The Jungle Book get a world. I'm surprised it hasn't already.
  8. wwinterj

    What is the best PSP to buy?

    I am looking to buy a PSP but there are so many versions that I have no clue what one to get. I am on a budget so don't want PSP Go at all. The main thing I wnat it for of course is the games as I have a PS3, 360 and a PC that can do things like skype and stuff. I don't use a microphone much...
  9. wwinterj

    Download only?

    With the PSP GO due out soon will Birth By Sleep be download only? I hear a few games are going to be download only and this sucks to be as I would want a physical copy of any game.I just hope BBS is not one of them.
  10. wwinterj

    Kingdom Hearts Online?

    I was just thinking with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days having multiplayer and the possibility of Birth By Sleep having it.Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will build on this and even add online support? I also would like to know your thoughts on multiplayer been in Kingdom Hearts or online.Does it...
  11. wwinterj

    I <3 Lamp

    Hello I am new here and possibly older then most members on here :lol: I come here for news on KH a lot but have only just signed to the forums part.I like the site and people don't seem to bad.I think I will enoy my stay here.I have made a few posts but thought why not say hi to everyone and...
  12. wwinterj

    KH RE: COM UK?

    Is there any news on Kingdomdom Hearts RE: chain of memories coming out in UK?It has been about 7 month since USA got it and would like to think if it was coming to UK there would be some info on it. :lol: One of the main reasons I ask this is not only am I a big KH fan like a lot here but the...