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  1. That Boi Leek


    What's up everyone? This is the reintroduction of myself, been gone for awhile but now I'm back. Just wanted to put myself out there and dive back in the forums!
  2. That Boi Leek

    Terra/Xehanort I Want Answers

    I believe xehanort has a relation to Terra i don't kno... it's just terra when he looks at kingdom hearts, his eyes go golden xehanort has those same color eyes i mean nomura in a interview did mention that there's a reason to why terra's eyes changed basically i have three reasons why they have...
  3. That Boi Leek

    Organization XII Cosplay

    This is a picture I took at the Anime Mid-Altantic Convention... where a bunch of people dressed up as the organization people.... yeah there are some things wrong with this pic... but it's still tight
  4. That Boi Leek

    Idea for Kh3 enemy....

    This was my fan fiction of the next possible enemies if there is going to be a Kingdom Hearts 3, but now I'm turnin' it into an idea... The Wanderers A.K.A The Lost Ones They would be created just like Heartless & Nobodies are. Wanderers are beings that have no heart or body. The first...
  5. That Boi Leek

    Dawn Or Nightfall

    I want to clear something up...Ok everybody says there's Dawn and Dusk... no part in Kingdom Hearts I or II said any thing about Dusk... maybe the nobody enemies but that's it.... (correct me if I'm wrong)... go watch the riku ending on KH:COM... when riku picks the Twilight road... Diz says...
  6. That Boi Leek

    The Wanderers A.K.A The Soulless

    This is my fan fiction of the next possible enemies if there is going to be a Kingdom Hearts 3: Created just like Heartless & Nobodies are. Wanderers are beings that have no heart or body. The first wanderer came into existant when a person with a strong heart was turned into a heartless...
  7. That Boi Leek

    Keyblade's Real Appearance

    I want to kno if their an answer or a good theory to why Sora's keyblade has mickey's keychain on it... I mean it would make since that mickey would have a mickey keychain on his but why does Sora... cuz didn't Sora get the keyblade before mickey... I haven't beaten Kingdom Hearts 2 yet but did...
  8. That Boi Leek

    Custom KH2 Keyblades and Missing Ones

    Wasn't there suppose to be keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 2 that u could make by collecting certain ingredients....just like how u make tha ultima keyblade...I thought I remember reading this somewhere.....and who else is mad that tha one winged angel and diamond dust aren't in tha game
  9. That Boi Leek

    Viz Media or TokyoPop

    Iight I wanna kno which anime book company...most people read from...is it Viz Media or TokyoPop
  10. That Boi Leek

    MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance

    Does anybody on this site read MAR by Nobuyuki Anzai...tha main character is Ginta...juss tryna see if anybody does
  11. That Boi Leek

    UnOfficial Gummi Ship Thread

    IIght since there's no thread for tha new gummi ship battle mode for KH2 in sight...I'mma gonna start....so who made their own gummi ship....got the top ranks...parts....special & orginal blueprints of gummi ships....all that goes here
  12. That Boi Leek

    Back Again

    I need to get back on track of things....I'm not new to this site....u can say I'm tryna renew myself...I haven't been on tha forums since tha summerime, I still come n get info. from this site...and but when i did try 2 get on, my computer or sumthin wouldn't let me login..so i had 2 wait...
  13. That Boi Leek

    Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed!!

    Tha Controller's been revealed...it looks like a remote....This is gunna be hard to play with sum advanced/complex games...I ain't feelin this controller Go here 4 tha pics: http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/09/15/screenindex_6133335.html Read Article hurre...
  14. That Boi Leek


    Go here to read on KH2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_II Also here is a good theory ya'll find when u read bout BHK: It is possible that because he is the other side of Sora's heart, his name may be the japanese term for earth or ground, considering Sora's name is the japanese...
  15. That Boi Leek

    Simple Theory

    There are a lot of theories goin round so I came up with a simple theory....I think everbody have another side to them on KH2.....here are tha examples: Sora>>>>>BHK King Mickey>>>>Mickey Mouse(SBW world) Riku>>>>Blind folded Unknown(I heard he has four versions of himself) Kairi>>>>Namine( I...
  16. That Boi Leek

    WhO LiStEnS To G-UnIt RaDiO

    Who listens to G-unit radio which is on Sirius Shade 45 every saturday 10:00 a.m-8:00 a.m......and what do ya think of 300 shots, Mase joinin g-unit(becoming Murda Mase again), his diss to loon, loon's diss to him, and more stuff happenin 2 G-unit that I didn't mention....
  17. That Boi Leek

    Nintendo and SquareSoft

    Since Nintendo and squaresoft kinda work together...they should put kh2 on the gamecube....nawww put it on the revolution...then they could have a exculsive mario world since nintendo and squaresoft made Super Mario RPG ...the world could be based on that and have geno,mallow, etc. on it(maybe...
  18. That Boi Leek

    Deep Dive Video

    I just wanna sum things bout this video 1) Is this twilght town @ night were BHK fights tha Neo Shadows (I don't think so) 2) Anybody notice how Kairi is on tha Huge Screen t.v 3) I still wanna kno how BHK still have two keyblades after he throws one to Riku (goes from obilivion to kingdom key)...
  19. That Boi Leek

    Complete 100% Do 1st or Last

    Should I get 2 level 100 and get all cards,sleights,etc first then beat tha game or should I beat tha game @ ah reasonable level and come back and get all Sleights,cards,etc.
  20. That Boi Leek

    Real Sora KH Necklace & CD

    I saw a lot of KH stuff here but I saw tha official Kingdom Hearts Sora Necklace @ tha anime convention Anime Mid-Altanlic 5 which waz in Richmond Virginia.....for $25.00 would u buy it 4 that much...also I saw tha Kingdom Hearts soundtrack cd for 43.10...I already hav it and got it from a...