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    Can someoine tell me the correct answer?

    I have heard rumors of E.B. games selling both the regular and L.E. strategy guide today. I was hoping someone could clear this up for me, and tell me when the guides go on sale. **please back up your information or else i wont believe it** such as a site link, or you called or something...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 ENGLISH vids

    There has been different videos released or leaked with scenes of KH2 in english. If any of you can find links to these wether they be on youtube or whatever, please post them here so that i and other people can have the links in one place, thanks! And when you post, tell us what video it is...
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    about final form*no spolier*

    i had a question about it. When you recieve it after you go to TWTNW, is it randomly released, or is it availible on the list with the other drives? i was a little confused about this, please answer!
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    KH2 Script

    Is there a site with the script in english, or will that eventually come out after the english version is released?
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    So i have a trailer online now

    about my old trailer, its online so if you wanted it still, you dont have to worry about me e-mailing it, here is the link. Its a definite must see. Some mild *spoilers* http://s10.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2...X3P92LEOPBO8S4
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    Names of character

    Ok, so it is rumored that Siru is BHK's name. Its a good play by Square Enix, since it can be cosidered a fusion of Sora and Riku. Also, has anyone noticed that Yensid spelled backwards is Disney???? Just wondering. . . And how is Yensid Mickey's master?Isn't Mickey a very powerful King. Why...
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    The purpose of BHK???

    i think he was created by namine while Sora and co. are sleeping in the pods. BHK is a nobody, because all he is are memories. Namine used Sora's memory of Castle Oblivion and created BHK, because she always wanted Sora to remeber her. Now Sora and the BHK must "fuse" in order for Sora to regain...
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    FLCL (FuriKuri)

    Flcl hey, i was wonerding how many of you like FLCL? I havent seen any discusions or threads on it in this anime section. I personally love the show and think its one of the best anime's. PM me or comment below if you'd like to talk about it, thanks